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Birth place: Japan (Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture)
How would you describe Kyoto in one sentence?: A charming place you cannot leave out when talking of the culture and history of Japan.
My Kyoto Recommendations:
Area: Shimogamo Shrine & Kitayama
Things to Do: Tadasu no Mori / 糺の森
Restaurants: Roan Kikunoi / 露庵菊乃井
Shops: Takezasado / 竹笹堂
Events: Aoi Matsuri / 葵祭
I was not born in Kyoto, but after traveling to Kyoto as a university student, I fell in love with this city. What I like most about Kyoto is that there are shrines and temples always close by and that the people of Kyoto value the old traditions, rituals, and habits. I’m always moved by being able to join the locals in their traditional rituals and festivals, and in this way getting to know the old proper Japanese culture! I would like to tell you about the daily lives of the local people and the part tradition plays in it.
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