Sharing and enjoying Kyoto
with the people of the world
Takuya’s comment:
Do you like Kyoto? I love Kyoto! But I was not born in Kyoto, nor did I grow up here. Even though I have such an upbringing, I like Kyoto because of its culture, food, nature, traditions… there is so much here that you can find only in Kyoto. Kyoto is famous world-wide, but there are many fun things here most people haven’t heard of yet. I want to relay that kind of information through Sharing Kyoto to people coming to Kyoto, no matter their race or religion, so that they can have unforgettable experiences here. I sincerely hope that people all over the world will become fans of Sharing Kyoto and also become true Kyoto-lovers.
  • philosophy01
    Sharing Kyoto is not only a media that curates information about sightseeing in Kyoto, and we are not only writers. To make the people visiting Kyoto to truly enjoy Kyoto, we take each one of our readers as individuals, and as professionals who work in the tourism industry, we think of our website as something that continues to bring a unique views on Kyoto.
  • philosophy02
    We go to places that are definitely not famous, and then recommend them with pride by actually going to those places and seeing them firsthand, relaying real and timely information to our readers, and we also wish to sympathize with the people visiting Kyoto and sharing the fun. By continuing this, we want to make Kyoto even more attractive to the people of the world. So, come enjoy Kyoto together with us!
Shareing Kyoto Staff

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