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“Working to bring our
beloved Kyoto to the world”
Yamasaki’s comment:
I’m going to be a bit abrupt here, but I love Kyoto. Why? Because Kyoto is a deep city with the potential for you to spend your whole life here and not run out of things to do.
Kyoto is a rare breed of city in that, while it's been heavily involved in the history and politics of Japan for centuries, it continues to breed new traditions and ideas.

Also, with cold winters and hot summers due to its unique basin-like shape, Kyoto manages to reflect each of Japan’s four seasons better than any other city in the country.
As a result, over its long history, Kyoto has evolved to be unlike any other city around.
Paradoxically, you could say that Kyoto is such a deep city that it’s almost tough. You could spend all day and all night trying to get across just how incredible this place is, and you would still only have scratched the surface. And I think that’s wholly unfortunate.

Even if it takes time, even if it’s a little awkward, we want to do our best to share our beloved city with the world and, in turn, have it fall in love with it too. Right now, that’s the philosophy under which Sharing Kyoto runs. Sharing Kyoto also works on the policy that each and every store, restaurant and place that we post about are those which we, the Sharing Kyoto staff, feel as residents of Kyoto are truly great.

Because we both love this place and call it home, there is still so much we can tell you. So we’ll be here, working away to try and show you and the world just exactly how great Kyoto is.

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    Sharing Kyoto is not only a media that curates information about sightseeing in Kyoto, and we are not only writers. To make the people visiting Kyoto to truly enjoy Kyoto, we take each one of our readers as individuals, and as professionals who work in the tourism industry, we think of our website as something that continues to bring a unique views on Kyoto.
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    We go to places that are definitely not famous, and then recommend them with pride by actually going to those places and seeing them firsthand, relaying real and timely information to our readers, and we also wish to sympathize with the people visiting Kyoto and sharing the fun. By continuing this, we want to make Kyoto even more attractive to the people of the world. So, come enjoy Kyoto together with us!
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