Coupon Service Policy

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) govern the use of the coupon service (“Service”) provided on the website operated by Sharing Kyoto Inc. (“our company”) between the user of Service and our company.
Please agree to the Terms to use Service.
The “Sharing Kyoto Terms of Service” (“Site Terms”) established by our company shall apply for items not specified in the Terms. Site Terms shall take precedence over Terms in the case that the conditions contained in the two differ.
(1) "Site" refers to the website "Sharing Kyoto" operated by our company with the domain ""
(This includes the Site post-change if for any reason the domain or content of the Site changes.)
(2) "Store Article(s)" refers to the information of restaurants and other stores published on the Site.
(3) "Member(s)" refers to the individual who has registered as a Basic or Premium Member of the Site.
(4) "Store(s), etc." refers to the stores and other businesses belonging to our company’s business partners.
(5) "Coupon(s)” refers to coupons redeemable by Members for services specified by Stores, etc. which appear in Store Articles.
(1) Service allows Members who have registered as either Basic or Premium Members to use Coupons when they satisfy either of the following clauses.
1. Contributed three (3) reviews to Stores, etc. on the Site.
(Reviews can be posted after clicking or tapping the "Review" button on Store Articles.)
2. Pledged to enter their intended length stay in Japan and contribute three (3) reviews as a Member.
(Follow the instructions displayed on the Coupon to enter the length of stay, etc.)
(2) Member can use Coupons to receive the service(s) indicated on them by the Store, etc. to the extent of the usage limit and period of validity displayed on the Coupon.
(3) Service is to be used at the volition and culpability of Member.
(1) For Stores, etc. that have issued Coupons, a notice to the effect that a Coupon is available will be displayed in the Store Article.
(2) Coupons can be used by Members by clicking or tapping the button to share location information when within 1 km of the Store, etc. that issues the Coupon.
(3) As is stated on the Coupon, Members can use a Coupon by bringing it up on the screen of a mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, etc., and presenting it to the staff of the Store, etc. Members cannot print and use Coupons.
(4) Coupons may be taken off the Site, made invalid or have their contents changed without prior notice regardless of the validity period or appearance on the Site.
(5) Coupons are issued by Stores, etc. and are to be used in accordance with the contract between Member and the Store, etc.
Therefore, our company does not guarantee that the service(s) stated on Coupons will be provided by the Store, etc. Any issues that arise in the use of a Coupon between Member and the Store, etc., shall be resolved by the two parties.
(1) Members shall be prohibited from carrying out the following activities when using Service.
1. Transferring or using Coupons with third parties.
2. Sharing Coupons with third parties.
3. Forging, altering or falsifying Coupons.
4. Exchanging Coupons for money.
5. Leaving false descriptions of Store, etc. in reviews.
6. Using Service for purposes originally unintended in the provision of Service.
7. Carrying out acts that obstruct or that may obstruct the operation of Service.
8. Carrying out acts contrary to Terms and the purpose and intentions of Service.
9. Carrying out acts that violate Site Terms.
10. Carrying out other acts that our company judges to be inappropriate in regards to Service.
(2) If our company determines that a Member has carried out any of the prohibited activities listed in the preceding paragraph, our company will take measures as determined necessary, such as suspending use of Service, revoking site membership or legal action, etc.
(1) As Coupons are issued by the Store, etc. and are to be used in accordance with the contract between Member and the Store, etc., our company does not take responsibility for damages caused or related to the inability to use Coupons.
(2) Our company does not guarantee that Coupons will be able to be used on all mobile devices, etc. or without interruption in any environment whatsoever.
(3) Our company shall not be liable for any issues that may arise between Members, Stores, etc. or additional third parties related to or caused by Service. All resolutions are the responsibilities of the parties involved.
(4) Our company is scrupulous about the contents of Service; however, the accuracy, up-to-dateness, usefulness, or any other matter regarding Service is not guaranteed.
Our company shall obtain the information required (including but not limited to registered information) for the provision of Service from Member.
The handling of Member information by our company is subject to our company’s privacy policy. Members are required to agree with the handling of Member information in accordance with that privacy policy.
(1) Member shall compensate our company (including attorney’s fees) if any damages are incurred due to the breach of Terms or any other reasons attributable to Member.
(2) To the extent of not being grossly negligent or intentional, our company shall take no responsibility for damages incurred (including indirect damage or loss of profits) by Member as a result of violations of obligations stipulated in the Terms.
In addition, in the event that our company is liable for damages, our company shall be liable only for general damages directly incurred by Member as a result of violations by our company of its obligations.
Items not defined in these Terms shall be governed by Site Terms. Site Terms shall take precedence over Terms in the case that the conditions contained in the two differ.
Last Updated: January 20, 2023

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