Classic tonkotsu ramen that maintains a traditional taste
Daichu is a ramen restaurant right next to Kintetsu Momoyamagoryomae, which is about a 10-minute train ride from Kyoto Station. The specialty at Daichu is the tonkotsu-shoyu (pork bone and soy sauce) ramen made with a chicken broth base. At a time where there are so many new restaurants offering unique ramens with unusual ingredients, Daichu's ramen maintains a classic tonkotsu ramen taste that is surprisingly simple. Incidentally, Daichu ramen has two types of soup (the “original” tonkotsu and the “new” tonkotsu seafood) from which to choose. Although both are delicious, we highly recommend the “original” if it's your first time. Having been in business for 20 years, the restaurant's interior and furnishings are quite old, however, the fact that everything has been used with great care is clearly visible. If you are interested in Japan's good old-fashioned ramen restaurants, this is the place for you.
Pork rib Daichu Ramen
Pork rib Daichu Ramen / ¥630
The specialty for which Daichu is most famous, pork rib Daichu Ramen. A rich tonkotsu-shoyu ramen with a chicken broth base and topped with fatty pork rib chashu (roasted pork fillet). With a solid tonkotsu taste, the soup is rich and strong but not overly greasy. With Daichu Ramen, diners can choose not only the type of soup, but also the firmness of the noodles, the amount of chashu oil, whether to have parboiled egg, and the amount of kimchi, bean sprouts, leeks, and a wide variety of other toppings for free. The freedom to try out various combinations to find the best tasting ramen for each customer is one of Daichu's charms.
Ultra-rich Daichu Ramen
Ultra-rich Daichu Ramen / ¥700
Another of Daichu's specialties, the ultra-rich Daichu Ramen. Using the same base as for their ordinary ramen, this ramen concentrates the richness and umami in its ingredients by cooking them under high heat. With a thickness similar to carbonara sauce, there may be almost no soup left in the bowl after you're done with your noodles. As the name suggests, the taste is concentrated and dense, and good enough to get you hooked after just one bowl. For those who like rich ramen, this is definitely what you should order.
Yakimeshi (Regular)
3Let's Try!
Yakimeshi (Regular) / ¥420
A side dish, Yakimeshi. With a respectable portion size, the Yakimeshi is also quite delicious. When compared to other Yakimeshi, it is lightly flavored and simple, making it easy to eat and the perfect side dish to accompany the richly flavored ramen. When ordered along with ramen, they thoughtfully wait until a little after you start eating ramen to bring it out.
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Seasoning / Free
Those who want to give a little twist to their Ramen or Yakimeshi, or slightly alter the flavor should try adding the countertop condiments. From left to right are: soysauce, garlic chips, white pepper, Korean chili, an original black pepper blend, and furikake (a rice seasoning). My personal recommendation is the garlic chips, which give the Ramen an added depth and make it taste even better.
How to Order

Ordering is usually done by looking at the menus on the tables and names of dishes on the shop walls. However, since the shop staff speak little or no English, you may have to improvise by pointing at the menu to order.  

- Order Tips -

If it is your first time and you don't yet know how to order toppings, we recommend that you start by ordering the following.

Yude kagen ha Katame de, Soup ha Motoaji de, Aji ha Koime de, Moyashi to Negi to cha-shu- ha Oome de, Onsen Tamago to Kimuchi ha Iretekudasai.

We recommend these toppings (bean sprouts, leeks, and chashu) as we believe they will help you enjoy your Daichu ramen to the last drop.

3.3 food3.3 service3.0 atmosphere3.5
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.2 food3.0 service3.0 atmosphere3.5
Not led astray by the latest ramen trends, Daichu steadfastly preserves and maintains a traditional taste. With a taste that seems popular and like it can be found anywhere but can really only be made here, it is a truly classic tonkotsu ramen. I will probably come back here to eat their ramen even after 10 years.
3.3 food3.5 service3.0 atmosphere3.5
Being a popular shop loved by the locals of Fushimi, Kyoto area, Daichu often has a line of people waiting outside during lunch hours. Although this restaurant's most popular specialty is the Daichu ramen's pork rib chashu, my personal recommendation is the ultra-rich Daichu ramen! The rich soup infused with plentiful tonkotsu will get you addicted the first time you try it.
3.7 food3.0 service4.5 atmosphere3.5
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
MC hummer
3.7 food3.0 service4.5 atmosphere3.5
Daichu / 大中
Category Ramen
Phone +81 75-603-2712
Address Koukashita217, Kannonjicho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, 612-8101
Directions 2-minute walk from Keihan Hushimimomoyama 1-minute walk from Kintetsu Momoyamagoryomae
Open Hours 11am - 2am
Reservations No
Closed Open everyday
Notes It can get rather crowded during lunch hours and you may have to wait for 20-30 minutes.
Price range
- ¥1,000
Credit cards No
Good for Solo, With Friends
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Little to no English proficiency
Menu Japanese only
Lanuages spoken Japanese only
Number of seats 23 seats
Private dining rooms Nothing
Non smoking / smoking Both smoking and non-smoking areas (all areas non-smoking between 11:30 and 14:00)
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