A sophisticated game bar where game, anime and manga fans gather in Kyoto
GAME BAR CLANTZ is a very popular venue in the center of Kyoto where many game, anime and manga fans gather every day. All kinds of board games, card games, and video games are displayed inside, making it an amazing place for game lovers. There is an unusually rich variety of drinks available to enjoy too, including the standard beers, cocktails, whiskeys, shochu and sake as well as original game-themed GAME BAR CLANTZ cocktails. The bar is extremely close to Kawaramachi Station and the shopping district, so it’s recommended to anyone who wants to enjoy games and drinking after dinner. There are 8 counter seats and 3 tables with 4 seats each, so you can enjoy it as a couple or with a group of friends. The bar is frequented not only by Japanese but by a large number of foreign customers as well, so you might have a chance to get to know game lovers from around the world. *Video game playing is not offered in the bar.
Cocktail / ¥700
Of course there are standard cocktails such as the Screwdriver in the rear of the photo, and the Gin Lime in the front of the photo. But there is also a menu of over 100 different cocktails, all made by the bartender on the spot. They will also make cocktails not on the menu by request, so try asking the staff. There is also a non-alcoholic drink menu for those who don’t like alcohol.
Original Cocktail
Original Cocktail / ¥1,150
This original cocktail was inspired by an item that appears in the popular Japanese game MONSTER HUNTER. The blue Cooler Drink towards the front of the photo is an easily drinkable muscat flavored cocktail, and the green Kaifukuyaku towards the rear of the photo is a cocktail made with nutritional drinks. There is also the Hot Drink Genki Dorinko, making a fun assortment of cocktails for MONSTER HUNTER fans.
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Snack / Free
When you first order a drink, you will get a small dish of snacks. This is a free service, so relax and enjoy it with your drink. If you want to eat more, you can order the larger snack plate (¥300) from the menu.
Card Game / Board Game
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Card Game / Board Game / Free
There are over 30 card games and board games in the bar that can all be played for free. There are all kinds of games, including the standard ones popular both in Japan and around the world such as UNO, as well as the Jinrou Game. Be sure to try out a few different games. If there are any games you don’t know how to play, feel free to ask the staff.
How to Order
The menu is in Japanese only. There is a large variety of alcoholic drinks. Liquors are lined up behind the counter, so if you just request the kind of drink you like, you will be served without a problem. There is also a food menu with lots of Japanese snacks and sweets to be eaten with alcohol, most of which are light refreshments.
- Order Tips -
・There will be a cover charge of ¥500, per person. ・You are supposed to order one drink per hour. If you do not order a drink, you will be charged ¥400 per hour instead.
3.4 food3.0 service3.5 atmosphere3.8
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.5 food3.0 service3.5 atmosphere4.0
Kyoto locals love GAME BAR CLANTZ. Recently it has been bustling with lots of foreign customers every day as well. I also like games, so when I go to this bar I enjoy myself so much I forget the time. The staff are all friendly and kind, so even if it’s your first visit I guarantee you will have a fun time.
3.3 food3.0 service3.5 atmosphere3.5
In Kyoto, there is no anime or game fan who doesn’t know about GAME BAR CLANTZ. It’s a social place where you can drink, play card games, and have lively conversations about games, anime and manga not only with friends and acquaintances, but also with people you meet on the spot by coincidence. The prices are reasonable, so just relax and drop by.
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Category Bars / Pubs
Phone +81 75-221-3601
Address Raporuto Bld.4F, 146, Aburayacho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-8063
Directions 8-minute walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Stn.
Open Hours 7pm - LAST
Reservations No
Closed Monday
Notes Video game playing is not offered in the bar.
Price range
Credit cards Not accepted
Good for Solo, With Friends
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
There is no English menu, but there are a lot of foreign customers, and the staff will very kindly respond to foreign languages with gestures and expressions.
Menu Japanese Only
Lanuages spoken Japanese, Simple English
Number of seats 20seats
Private dining rooms Nothing
Non smoking / smoking Smoking
URL1 http://clantz.jp/
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