Juicy Italian Beef Cuisine Grilled on a Lava Stone
IL DENTE DI LEONE is an Italian restaurant located east of the Kyoto Imperial Palace. The restaurant's interior features white walls, red tablecloths, and wooden doors, offering an understated atmosphere of high class and warmth. IL DENTE DI LEONE offers Italy's local cuisine from the Sicily and Piedmont regions, and we particularly recommend trying their beef dishes. The restaurant prepares carefully selected Japanese beef from Shiga Prefecture, a beef brand known as Omi Beef, grilled perfectly on a lava stone inside a stone oven. In addition, here you can also enjoy dishes prepared with fresh seafood and vegetables, as well as delicious handmade pasta using techniques learned by the chefs in Italy. There is also a wide range of Italian wines on offer, as well as some biodynamic wines (wine that has been made using natural techniques in as much as possible). *The range of dishes and wines is changed periodically.
Beef Addition Steak
Beef Addition Steak / 100g ¥2,850 ~
IL DENTE DI LEONE offers Japanese beef carefully selected by the chefs. The beef is grilled on a lava stone using far infrared-rays to prevent the beef from losing its natural flavors. As a result, the outside of the beef becomes crispy, while the inside is extremely juicy. As you take a bite into the beef, the flavors of the red meat will spread themselves around your mouth. The beef is flavored using simple seasonings such as salt and pepper, allowing you to fully enjoy the beef's natural flavors. *The beef featured in the photo is Japanese beef Omi Beef, from Shiga Prefecture. The type of Japanese beef used is changed periodically. *Accompanying vegetables ¥300 (for two people). We recommend ordering some vegetables as they go perfectly well with the beef.
Platinum Pork Steak
Platinum Pork Steak / ¥3,200(200g)
The pork is also grilled on a lava stone, in the same way as the beef. It is not too overpowering, offering the refreshing flavor of its protein, plus the sweet and delicious flavor of its fat. Double the intensity of the flavors by enjoying it along with some Italian red wine.
Piemonte Pasta-Tayalin (Mushrooms and Parmigiano)
3Let's Try!
Piemonte Pasta-Tayalin (Mushrooms and Parmigiano) / ¥1,600
Tayalin is a traditional type of pasta from the Piedmont region in Italy. The pasta from the restaurant is handmade by the chef. The dough is made using many egg yokes, allowing you to enjoy the flavor of the eggs to the full. Mushrooms and parmigiano are added to enhance the flavor further, plus a large amount of butter sauce to round off all the delicious flavors.
Lava stone grill of octopus
4Let's Try!
Lava stone grill of octopus / ¥1,200
Japanese octopus (from Okayama Prefecture) grilled on a lava stone. The crunchy texture of the octopus is proof of its great freshness. Its flavors are highlighted even more by the Sicilian lemons and other refreshing citrus aromas. We recommend eating it covered in plenty of olive oil. Goes perfectly with a smooth, aromatic white wine. *Half-size also available for ¥850.
How to Order

The food and drinks menus are in Italian and English written side by side. English menus are also available but their content may be out of date. All prices are displayed exclusive of tax.

- Order Tips -
We recommend enjoying the menu dishes with certain types of wine. Please let the staff know your preferences, and they would be more than happy to make wine recommendations.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.3 food3.0 service3.0 atmosphere4.0
If you are becoming a little tired of Japanese food, or if you fancy trying out Italian dishes made with Japanese ingredients, we definitely recommend IL DENTE DI LEONE. The chef has worked previously in Italy for many years, and he has always been highly committed to reproducing Italy's delicious flavors and fantastic atmosphere back in Kyoto. The beef dishes are a definite must-have! The perfectly grilled, high-quality Japanese beef dishes have always left customers extremely satisfied. We also definitely recommend trying out some of the Italian wines. There is a wide range of wines available to suit your taste and budget.
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Category Italian
Phone +81 75-223-3911
Address 274, Demizucho, Kamigyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 602-0862
Directions 4-minute walk from Keihan Line Jingu-Marutamachi Stn. (Exit 4) 11-minute walk from Subway Tozai Line Kyoto shiyakushomae Stn. (Exit 3)
Open Hours Fridays to Tuesdays: 3pm-10pm Wednesdays: 6pm-10pm
Reservations Accepted
Closed Thursday, 1st Wednesday
Notes We recommend making a reservation before visiting the restaurant. The restaurant’s busy periods can vary from day to day. There is a table charge of 300 per person.
Price range
Credit cards Not accepted
Good for With Friends, Families with Children
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
The chef can speak Italian. For English speakers, the staff will be happy to communicate with hand gestures.
Menu Italian
Lanuages spoken Italian, A Part of menu written in English
Number of seats 16 seats
Private dining rooms Nothing
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking

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