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- 錦もちつき屋 -
Gather lords of people to see Mochi Pounding show must be highlight
Mochi (rice cake) pounding is created with a wooden millet in a mortar everyday to have it for visitors freshly in bustle market, Nishiki-Ichiba. Food additive is not in it at all shows the true worth of Nishiki-Mochituki-ya. It is believed that glutinous rice is used in here is the best yummy in Kansai area. Healthy-oriented must be relived. Some young Japanese people don’t eat Charcoal-grilled mochi the lately it is because too much trouble to ready for it, although we would prefer it. So it is chance to have for us as well. Zenzai (melted red beans soup) with mochi and original are trial food during you are in Kyoto. Made by Super mochi creative expert would not let you down!
Yakimochi B
Yakimochi B / ¥810
It is valuable set that 5 flavored mochi you can enjoy little by little. Cheese, peanuts butter, Pollack roe, plum with sliced bonito and seaweed. Thick paste peanuts butter would be familiar with you. On the other hands, plum one is a bit sour, but bonito is to be soft. You would get so many like on your Facebook if you up this photo.
Zoni Set
Zoni Set / ¥950
Zoni is eaten on the New year holiday in Japan generally. Making with sweet white miso is features in Kyoto. Mochi is chewy. So when the mochi gets smaller , just swallow it. A bit salty rice boiled with red beans is the meal which we have celebrate things. It is available from autumn till winter.
Powdered green tea Zenzai
3Let's Try!
Powdered green tea Zenzai / ¥950
We believe that Zenzai is red beans melt soup but, they have unique idea that pouring hot green tea instead. Light taste matcha is far better having with red beans. It is a great to have salty dried kelp to take away the aftertaste. Recommended eating it if you are a bit hungry before dinner.
Demonstration of Mochi rice cake making
4Let's Try!
Demonstration of Mochi rice cake making
Mochi is pounded in front of you at Nishiki-mochitsuki-ya shop. Although the timing is irregular, they perform it when rice cake is running short. So you may be able to see it relatively often on weekends. Sometimes next session is written on a board inside. You can ask them and try pounding mochi. Make a visit and say hello.
How to Order

English menu is available. If you are rush, you could take away boiled mochi or so over the counter. If you have enough time, you are welcomed to eat in which is not needed extra-money.

- Order Tips -
There are some popular sample meals in front of the restaurant to select what you order before coming in.
4.2 food4.0 service4.5 atmosphere4.0
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
4.2 food4.0 service4.5 atmosphere4.0
Nishiki Mochitsukiya is always bustling with locals and tourists. If you are lucky you can see them pound mochi rice cakes, and eat freshly pounded mochi! I recommend you stop here to have mochi if you come to Nishiki Market.
3.3 food4.0 service3.0 atmosphere3.0
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Viet Nam
3.3 food4.0 service3.0 atmosphere3.0
Nishiki-mochitsuki-ya / 錦もちつき屋
Category Wagashi (Japanese Sweets)
Phone +81 75-223-1717
Address 175 Higashiuoyacho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, 〒604-8055
Directions 10 minute walk from Karasuma Line Karasuma Oike Stn.
Open Hours 11a.m – 5:30p.m (Week day), 11a.m – 6p.m (Sat. Sun. and Public day)
Reservations Not accepted
Closed irregular holiday
Price range
Credit cards Not accepted
Good for Solo, With Friends, Families with Children
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Mochi Pounding show is extremely powerful.
Menu Japanese, English
Lanuages spoken Some part-timer can speak English
Number of seats 54 seats
Private dining rooms Non
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking
Other Please do not eat anything that you got different shops. Mochi Pounding show is not decided what time start. When Mochi is almost sold out, It starts.
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