Properly prepared tea with characteristics of western and Japanese cultures
Walking inside this café is like entering an art museum. Immediately you will see a mix of western and Japanese cultures fused and presented artistically. People enjoying each other's company over a cup of tea is the main objective of any tea houses. Translucent atmosphere will be the platform of your time here. Omuro Sanowa is located diagonally across from the Ninna-ji temple entrance. Drop by to have a tea time and reflect the tea-drinking culture that is treasured and cherished by people of Japan.
Sanowa + Kyobancha tea set
Sanowa + Kyobancha tea set / ¥700
Take a break and appreciate the sweetness of Sanowa and a cup of Kyobancha tea. Sanowa is Linzer Torte, a popular dessert often enjoyed in Germany and Austria. Kyobancha, or coarse green tea of Kyoto, has a bold roasted flavor. Notice the wooden stick, something that is commonly used in Japanese tea ceremonies for eating Japanese confectioneries. Omuro Sanowa presents a wonder mix of western and Japanese cultures.
Koishi / ¥320
Koishi, meaning “small stones,” are what these sweet concoctions resemble. Made with high-quality chocolate, these are chocolate truffles wrapped with Mochi flour. This western-Japanese collaborated confectionery goes well with any type of tea.
Sencha green tea
3Let's Try!
Sencha green tea / ¥650
At Omuro Sanowa, there are varieties of tea to choose from. High quality tea is served in the best form possible. Don’t miss the process when tea is being prepared behind the counter. The most proper method of making tea is used. For Sencha, “Baigetsu” from Kagoshima prefecture is used. First cup of tea is served with the tea pot used to prepare it. A second cup can be enjoyed using the same tea leaves, therefore ask the staff to prepare for it when ready.
Original goods
4Let's Try!
Original goods / Varies
By the entrance, there is a section of various items such as accessories, cups, and post cards all great as gifts. Take a look at the Japanese style goods. You may find a great item to take back as gifts to your loved one or for yourself! Along with Japanese style items, there are bags that are made with fabric from Austria. All goods are designed and created as shop’s original goods. The mix of international characteristic is very exhilarating. Absorb the wonderful ambiance and enjoy a calming tea time.
How to Order

There is variety of teas available and you may have to consider few moments to see which one is best.

- Order Tips -
Ask the owner who can speak English for suggestions on which tea to choose.
3.3 food3.0 service3.0 atmosphere4.0
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.3 food3.0 service3.0 atmosphere4.0
A really beautiful place! The cafe is located near Ninna-ji temple, so I recommend making a visit after touring the temple. Omuro Sanowa specializes in tea, and they prepare each cup very carefully. Tea is prepared in the way it should be prepared. It was just amazing to watch how they prepare each cup. They have array of tea available, I recommend the Kyobancha tea. When speaking with the owner, she had very interesting stories to tell. Her doing business in Austria in the past influenced some attributes of the cafe. She speaks English, and I hope you will get a chance to chat with her as well.
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Omuro Sanowa / 御室さのわ
Category Matcha / Green Tea
Phone +81 75-461-9077
Address 25-2 Omurotate-machi, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
Directions ・5-minute walk from Randen Kitano-Line Myoshinji Station ・1-minute walk from Kyoto city bus Omuro stop ・3-minute walk from Kyoto city bus Omuro Ninna-ji stop
Open Hours 10am - 6pm
Reservations Accepted
Closed Mondays
Notes Credit cards are accepted only for goods purchased. Café items are cash only.
Price range
Credit cards Only for goods. Café items are cash only.
Good for Solo, With Friends
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Easy access from Ninna-ji temple
Menu Japanese
Lanuages spoken Japanese, English
Number of seats 14 seats + a table with 8 seats
Private dining rooms No
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking
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