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Sushi Yoshida

- 鮨 よし田 -
High-end sushi experience in Gion district
The world of high-end sushi is like no other you can experience other than in the land that originated it. Especially in a location that is rich in history, Gion district of Kyoto welcomed Sushi Yoshida in the year Fall of 2014. Originally held a restaurant in Shimogamo area, Sushi Yoshida has been serving high-end sushi for close to 10 years. First, as it is a norm for high-end sushi restaurants, a reservation is a must. The Omakase course (menu decided by the chef) is recommended for first-time customers. Sushi Yoshida mostly serves frequent regulars as keeping loyalty is one of their most important mottos. New visitors try Sushi Yoshida for the first time usually by accompanying those who are known faces to the Sushi master.
Koppe Kani
Koppe Kani / Included in Omakase course
One of several plates served before the sushi in the Omakase course are the Koppe Kani or Seko Gani, named different depending on the region. These are female snow crabs with egg. It’s a wonderful plate for crab lovers that are beautifully presented with all the good parts.
Nigiri Sushi
Nigiri Sushi / Included in Omakase course
Medley of sushi (13 nigiri) is served in Omakase course. There are no strict rule in eating, but the best way is to start off from the lightest flavor fish to the boldest. Tuna lovers know that different parts of the fish have different flavors. Take a comparison of both look and taste of three different times of tuna: maguro (lean), chu-toro (mid-fatty), and o-toro (fatty).
3Let's Try!
Sake / Included in Omakase course
Sake is just the perfect match for this sushi experience! 6 different dishes come forth previous to the sushi. All goes perfectly with sake. Choose from hot or cold sake, and if hot sake is chosen, they will continue to keep it warm if it lost its warm temperature. It’s a service that is very thankful especially during very cold winter night.
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Talk to the sushi chef
The sushi master, Mr. Yoshida, is so friendly that conversations with him will flow throughout the meal. He prepares the meal behind the counter for all the guests, usually in a full-house. Every day, only one round of guests visits the restaurant meaning there are no multiple turnarounds. Instead, the restaurant welcomes each one of the guests with the up most attention. It’s a place where a guest will enjoy about 2 hours of memorable sushi experiences that defines what entertainment is in a meal.
How to Order

Making a reservation is required. Menu items other then Omakase course is available. Ask and discuss about your meal when making a reservation.

- Order Tips -
Have an idea of what you want in a meal. Do you want to have a large or a small meal? Full course is about 2 hours long.
3.8 food4.0 service3.5 atmosphere4.0
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.8 food4.0 service3.5 atmosphere4.0
The fish are so fresh and rich! This is a high-end sushi restaurant that provides a perfect hospitality of a Japanese style dining. The course is about 2 hours long. Located in the Gion district of Kyoto, the ambiance is incredible!
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Sushi Yoshida / 鮨 よし田
Category Sushi
Phone +81 080-4239-4455
Address 570-179 Gion Machi Minami-gawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi
Directions ・7-minute walk from Gion Shijyo Stn
Open Hours 6pm - 9pm Depending on reservations
Reservations Required
Closed Mondays
Notes This restaurant serves to royal customers. Of course, they welcome new customers however making a reservation may not be easy.
Price range
Around ¥18,000 per person
Credit cards Accepted
Good for Romantic, With Friends
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Customers consist of mostly locals
Menu Japanese
Lanuages spoken Japanese, Conversational English
Number of seats 10 counter seats, 1 table
Private dining rooms Yes located on the second floor
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking
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