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- ベホマズン -
Eat and drink as much as you like at Behomazun! There’s no time-limit!
You can find Behomazun in the middle of Kyoto, and at the pub you get to eat and drink as much as you like, with no time-limit. Although it’s a pub with no seats, so you have to stand, but the entrance to the pub is only 3,000 yen and with it you can drink all night, so it’s really cheap. The dishes you get to eat here are not bad either, and all are handmade by the restaurant, like their kara-age fried chicken, fried skewers, chicken in spicy sauce, and fried noodles. You get to pour your own beer from the tap, and they have a nice selection of sakes and shochus too. Or if you’d prefer a cocktail, you can make your own! The pub is surprisingly big, and if there’s a baseball match going on, they’re going to have it on the big screen so that you can all root for the home team. If you want to drink in Kyoto in a pub with a welcoming atmosphere, Behomazun should be your choice! So it’s time to say kampai!
Dishes to go with the drinks
Dishes to go with the drinks
All of the food here is made by hand at the pub, and especially we liked the fried chicken, chicken in spicy sauce, and the fried skewers. All of the food tastes good, and surpasses the level of most buffet places. They also have edamame beans and tofu in the fridge if you want something a bit different. Eating these great dishes left me thinking how many pints I should drink.
Alcoholic beverages
Alcoholic beverages
You have beer on the tap, a whisky highball tap too, and a good selection of sake and shochu. When you get the perfect amount of beer head on your Asahi, it is a moment of perfect exhilaration. They also have cocktail instructions on the wall so be sure to try some of them!
3Let's Try!
Hoppy is a beer-like drink that is low in calories, so it’s also nice for those who are on a diet. Hoppy is not usually drunk by itself, but it’s mixed with shochu. You pour some shochu into the pint (first add ice cubes if you so wish) until the shochu level reaches the first or the second star, of course depending on how strong you want your Hoppy-shochu to be. Then pour your Hoppy into the pint, and voila, you have a Hoppy-shochu ready!
Fried noodles with chicken intestines
4Let's Try!
Fried noodles with chicken intestines
Here you have fried noodles combined with chewy chicken intestines, and the taste is surprisingly good. You have the strong taste of the sauce, and the good taste of the intestines, all sucked up by the noodles. This goes especially well with beer!
How to Order

Behomazun is run by the locally renowned yakitori pub Kazusaya. So for a little extra, you can get to order some of Kazusaya’s most famous menu items, yakitori chicken skewers, and curry. They’re really good so remember to order some! 

- Order Tips -

Take only as much as you can eat and drink. 

2.8 food3.0 service3.0 atmosphere2.5
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.0 food3.0 service3.0 atmosphere3.0
It’s hard to believe that you can get to eat and drink as much as you like for only 3,000 yen. The dishes were good, but I like a drink more than the average person, so for me this pub was like heaven. The cost-performance of this place is excellent, so please go try it!
2.7 food3.0 service3.0 atmosphere2.0
Those who know Dragon Quest have probably heard of Behomazun, or as it is known in English, Omniheal (previous name Healusall). Like in the game, if you go to Behomazun, you will be healed. Completely. Omnihealed, one could say. And it all costs only 3,000 yen, and this is the only pub I know which offers this much for such a cheap price. And the dishes are all delicious! So no matter whether you want to just pop in for a quick drink or want to chat with your friends for hours, this restaurant is the perfect place to be in.
2.7 food3.0 service2.5 atmosphere2.5
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Hong Kong
2.7 food3.0 service2.5 atmosphere2.5
Behomazun / ベホマズン
Category Bars / Pubs
Phone +81 75-254-8344
Address 2nd floor of Royal Plaza Building, 260 Misayama-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Directions A 10-minute walk from Karasuma Oike Station.
Open Hours 6:00 p.m.-11:30 p.m.
Reservations Accepted.
Closed Sundays.
Price range
Credit cards Accepted.
Good for Solo, With Friends
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
This pub is located in the center of Kyoto so it’s very easy to find.
Menu Japanese.
Lanuages spoken Simple English.
Number of seats Around 20.
Private dining rooms No.
Non smoking / smoking Separate areas for smokers and nonsmokers.

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