Blue Fir Tree is a café with a nostalgic feel and fantastic pancakes in an alley in Gion
You can find the café famous for its pancakes called Blue Fir Tree on an alley close to the intersection of Shijo and Yamatooji streets, and you’ll know the café by its nostalgic atmosphere. The bar counter has dim lights, making the café feel moody. The pancakes here are very thick, around 4.5 centimeters, and they have a strong taste of eggs and butter. You can add ice cream, syrup, or butter to the pancake to make it taste even better. They also have the pancake of the month and pancakes in the shape of a heart, so if you want to have a pancake and a hot drink together, there are few places better for it than the nostalgic Blue Fir Tree!
Maboroshi no Hotcake
Maboroshi no Hotcake / ¥600 (+tax)
This pancake (or hotcake) is 4.5 centimeters thick, and although it’s very big, it’s also very fluffy. The pancake gets some saltiness from the butter, and this works well with the sweetness of the maple syrup. Although this pancake is a basic one, it’s still a classic worth trying. *Because the pancakes are all made to order, you have to wait around 20 minutes for it.
Heart-shaped pancake
Heart-shaped pancake / ¥650 (+tax)
This pancake is heart-shaped, and even the butter on top of it is in the shape of a heart. It’s so cute! The pancake is otherwise the same as the normal one, but as it looks so cute, this one is the perfect choice for young girls. *Because the pancakes are all made to order, you have to wait around 20 minutes for it.
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Drinks / Starting from ¥500~ (+tax)
They also have drinks for you to have with the pancakes, like coffee and tea. You also get 150 yen off the price of the drink if you have it with a pancake. (You get 150 yen off only when you order coffee, tea, latte, flowering tea, or the limited kuromitsu hojicha latte.)
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Toppings / ¥150 (+tax)
Besides the normal pancake, you can have it topped with many yummy things too. It’s a great idea to have it with vanilla ice cream and condensed milk, but whipped cream, caramel, and granola also sounds very good!
How to Order


They have their menu in English so ordering is easy. 

- Order Tips -

Everyone needs to order at least one drink. And also because the place is not big, and smoking is allowed in parts of it, children under five years old are not allowed in. 

3.7 food4.0 service3.0 atmosphere4.0
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.7 food4.0 service3.0 atmosphere4.0
The thick pancakes here have a strong smell and taste of butter to them, and they are very soft. After you put some syrup on them, the taste gets even better: it’s the peak of pancakes. I really like the nostalgic atmosphere here, and when you add a cup of coffee to it, this café becomes my very own special place.
2.8 food3.5 service2.5 atmosphere2.5
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Hong Kong
2.8 food3.5 service2.5 atmosphere2.5
Category Cafes
Phone +81 75-541-1183
Address 1st floor of Moa Gion, Yamato Street Shijo Sagaru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Directions A 5-minute walk from Keihan Gion-Shijo Station.
Open Hours Tuesday to Sunday: 9:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. (Last orders at 6:00 p.m.) *Limited quantity.
Reservations Not accepted.
Closed Mondays, but in the case Monday is a national holiday, the following day.
Price range
Credit cards Not accepted.
Good for Solo, Romantic, With Friends, Families with Children
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
This place is easy to access. It takes some time for them to make the pancakes, but once you get to eat them, you’ll realize they were worth it all.
Menu Japanese and English.
Lanuages spoken Some simple English.
Number of seats Around 20 (both bar counter and tables).
Private dining rooms No.
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking
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