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CHOJIRO Shijo-Kiyamachi

- 廻転寿司CHOJIRO 四条木屋町店 -
Let’s enjoy delicious but reasonably priced conveyor belt sushi at Chojiro in Kawaramachi!
There is a popular restaurant with always a line of tourists from overseas in front of it in the bar district of Kyoto, Kiyamachi. This restaurant is Chojiro Shijo Kiyamachi, a restaurant run by a company that runs conveyor belt sushi restaurants mainly in western Japan. Why is Chojiro so popular? The reason must be in the great taste, great service, and great hospitality they offer. No matter how busy they are, they always fillet the fish and make the sushi after an order. This has to be delicious. Their service for overseas customers is also great. They have an iPad on the table that has their menu in 5 different languages, and you can use the iPad to order. They have staff that can speak English and Chinese and make sure that everyone leaves the restaurant behind with a smile on their faces. The reason for their popularity is in the deliciousness of their sushi and in their great service. They have table seating for those who want to have a relaxed sushi experience, and counter seats for those who want to see the sushi chefs fillet the fish up close. I want to recommend Chojiro Shijo Kiyamachi to those who want to eat at a restaurant in the Gion area.
Bluefin tuna trio
Bluefin tuna trio / ¥874
This is the most popular menu item at Chojiro. In this set you get three cuts: akami, or red meat; chu-toro, fatty tuna; o-toro, extra fatty tuna. If you go to a sushi restaurant you have to have tuna. The fatty tuna just melts in your mouth. The red meat tuna is also a fine and delicious cut with no fishy smell. This is a great set for those who like tuna.
Salmon Trio
Salmon Trio / ¥496
In this also popular item on Chojiro’s menu you have salmon, fatty salmon, and salmon roe. The salmon is soft but the taste has a depth to it, and it is really delicious. For this delicious set to be under 500 yen is great value for money.
Fried Prawn Roll
3Let's Try!
Fried Prawn Roll / ¥280
This fried prawn roll is an unlikely popular menu item. The tartar sauce with the crispy shrimp is a perfect combination. One of the charms of Chojiro is that they offer many unique types of sushi. If you get bored with normal sushi, how about trying something a bit more adventurous?
Jo Akashi
4Let's Try!
Jo Akashi / 10 pieces for one person ¥1.382
Chojiro is really popular so there is always a line in front of it… but if you are in a hurry, I recommend takeout! They have many types of sushi on their takeout menu, but the most popular one is this one, Akashi. This set of ten pieces contains many favorites: tuna, salmon, salmon roe, and others.
How to Order

You can order using the iPad on the table which has five language options: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Japanese. 

There is a large fish tank behind the counter. If you sit on a counter seat, you can watch up close how the sushi chef takes a fish out of the tank, dresses it, and then makes sushi out of it. 

- Order Tips -

The Takasegawa and Kamo rivers are close by Chojiro’s Shijo Kawaramachi restaurant, so I would like to recommend you get some sushi takeout and eat by the river! You can have a great sushi picnic if the weather is nice. 

Chojiro is always packed full of customers, but you can also enjoy the sushi of Chojiro by having takeout. 

3.3 food3.0 service4.0 atmosphere3.0
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.3 food3.0 service4.0 atmosphere3.0
Every time when it is time for lunch or dinner, you can see a long line in front of the conveyor belt sushi restaurant Chojiro, and many of those lining up are tourists. You can order on the iPad that has English, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish so don’t worry about the language barrier. Their sushi is a great combination of fish and vinegared rice, and it is easy to eat quite a lot. They also have takeout, so how about a sushi picnic by the Kamo River?
3.7 food4.0 service3.5 atmosphere3.5
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Hong Kong
3.7 food4.0 service3.5 atmosphere3.5
CHOJIRO Shijo-Kiyamachi / 廻転寿司CHOJIRO 四条木屋町店
Category Sushi
Phone +81 75-708-2037
Address 103-2 Hashimoto-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto city
Directions A one-minute walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station exit 1A.
Open Hours Monday to Friday: 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Last orders by 2:45 p.m.) | 5:00 to 11:30 p.m. (Last orders by 11:15 p.m.) Saturday, Sunday, and holidays: 11:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. (Last orders by 11:15 p.m.)
Reservations Not possible.
Closed Open every day.
Price range
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc. / Credit cards can be used
Good for Solo, With Friends, Families with Children
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
They have their menu in five languages, and staff that can speak English and Chinese, so no need to worry about the language barrier.
Menu English, simplified Chinese, Korean, and Spanish.
Lanuages spoken English and Chinese.
Number of seats 38 seats.
Private dining rooms No.
Non smoking / smoking Nonsmoking.
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