Quality Seasonal Spicy Curry Made from Kyoto Grown Ingredients
Tucked away in an alleyway amongst the office buildings of Kyoto's Karasuma area lies CURRY PLANT―curry specialist and project of Kyoto's famous luxury Italian restaurant ORTO. CURRY PLANT always has 3 types of curry on the menu. Their standard is the “Kyogamo Curry” and the other 2 change seasonally, so you can enjoy the flavors of the season. They also have a range of alcohol to go with the curry, that when enjoyed together, really bring out the aroma of the spice from the curry. Also, it's not only curry; they also have an amazing line up of side like eggs, pickled seasonal vegetables and handmade sausages from Kitayama Kawakitaya! They are all amazing when enjoyed with the curry and wine. CURRY PLANT is in the middle of a quiet street and its cool exterior really stands out. On the first floor there are window and counter seats, and there are tables on the second floor. The green interior is decorated with cute flowers on top of the tables and is a comfortably green space, keeping true to the name "PLANT." How about trying a bowl of this specialty Kyoto Curry-made from Kyoto grown ingredients-in this cool, comfy environment, for yourself?
Kyogamo Curry
Kyogamo Curry / ¥1,000(W/ tax)
With strong umami flavors, minced Kyoto bred Kyogamo (Kyoto duck), sliced offal and an outstanding spicy flavour; the Kyogamo Curry is CURRY PLANT’s signature dish. The fluffy texture of the riceーmade with a mix of sticky barley, rolled oats and gingerーis sure to be a favorite. The curry also comes with vegetables and chips, so you can enjoy different textures. It comes with Daikon (Japanese white radish) pickles. ※Toppings: Spiced Egg + ¥100
Aigake Curry (Additional Topping)
Aigake Curry (Additional Topping) / ¥1,200 (W/ Tax)
“Aigake” is a “two type curry”, meaning you can simply choose 2 types of curry from the 3 available. Left is a seasonal vegetable, tomato curry. They’ve topped the slightly spicy tomato and seasonal vegetable base with cheese, which mellows out the spice and gives the curry a smooth texture. Right is a venison and burdock curry. The Kyoto Miyama bred venison is carefully stewed in red wine. The burdock, with its characteristic texture and unique flavor, really draws the spice out of the curry the more and more you eat of it. For the rice they used turmeric rice. ※Seasonal Vegetable Tomato Curry ¥1000 Venison and Burdock Curry ¥1000
Sherry (Wine)
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Sherry (Wine) / Glass / ¥600(W/ Tax)
They have a total of 9 different types of Spanish made Sherry, from dry to sweet. Pictured is a Sherry called “Oloroso”. It has a rich amber and deep mahogany color with an almond aroma. This wine goes perfectly with the Venison and Burdock Curry.
Coffee & Flan
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Coffee & Flan / Coffee:¥300(W/ Tax)、Flan:¥300(W/ Tax)
Pour over coffee using beans from Kyoto’s veteran coffee shop “Tamaya Coffee.” This coffee is characterized by its sharp flavor and refined bitterness. The smooth flan goes perfectly with the cool aroma of the cardamom―used as an ingredient inside―and is definitely a dessert for people with more mature tastes.
How to Order

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They have an English menu and the staff can speak a little English, so do not hesitate to speak in English when ordering. 

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CURRY PLANT also has a range of toppings. Pictured is their Kyogamo (Kyoto Duck) Salisbury steak. The Juicy Kyogamo Salisbury steak goes perfectly with their spicy curries and feels very extravagant to eat together.

Topping: Spiced Egg +¥100

        Seasonal Vegetable Fillet +¥150

        Cheese +¥150

3.4 food3.5 service3.5 atmosphere3.3
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.3 food3.5 service3.5 atmosphere3.0
First off, when I first entered the restaurant, I was moved by how cool and quaint the interior was! They’ve totally paid attention to their name curry “plant” and painted the walls green and arranged flowers around the place. I thought it felt more like a Café than a Curry shop. The curry is original and really good, but what I was personally drawn to was the how good their coffee is. I usually can’t drink black coffee, but even when I tried their black coffee, it was easy to drink and seriously good. You can get it to take away too, so I want to go back for a coffee soon haha
3.5 food3.5 service3.5 atmosphere3.5
CURRY PLANT is so warm and cool that at first I didn’t think it was a curry restaurant. Their curry, made with a number of different spices and Kyoto grown ingredients, has an accent of spice within an amazing aroma, and goes down really well with rice. (I usually can’t eat that much rice) What I especially recommend is their Sherry wine. When paired with a curry, I thought it drew out the spiciness and tasted really good. Next time, I want to take my friend who loves curry!
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Category Curry
Phone +81 75-200-9880
Address 262-8 Nishinishikikojicho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 604-8226, Japan
Directions 6 Minute walk from the Hankyu “Karasuma Station”
Open Hours 11:30 - 20:30 (L.O)
Reservations Unavailable
Closed Mondays (When public holidays fall on a Monday, the following day will be substitute), Irregular holidays also possible.
Price range
Credit cards Cash, PayPay, Alipay
Good for Solo, Romantic, With Friends, Families with Children
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
English menu available and the staff can speak basic English. It’s located near train stations and is in the center of downtown, so is very easy to get to.
Menu Japanese and English
Lanuages spoken Basic English
Number of seats 18
Private dining rooms Unavailable
Non smoking / smoking Non-smoking

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