koé donuts; a ground-breaking, immersive and ethical donut factory
koé donuts only recently opened their doors in downtown Kyoto in March of 2019. However, their opening wasn’t the only thing that caught social media’s eye. Their stylish Kyoto-like interior and novel method of enjoying donuts with a knife and fork were instant hits on social media and a big reason why they boast constant lines even now, a few months after they initially opened. Of course, it needs to be said that koé donuts aren’t just any old donut shop. Their huge store is also home to their “immersive donut factory” too! koé donuts’ “open factory” layout makes it so you can watch every aspect of the donut making process, from grinding the flour to frying and topping the donuts, right from where you’re sitting. Watching the staff in their fresh koé donuts uniforms skillfully put together all the different types of donuts one after the other is mesmerizingly fun! Not only does koé donuts’ open-factory like kitchen bring an air of excitement to the store, but being able to see the donuts making process right before your eyes also gives you a sense of reassurance too. On top of all this, koé donuts also undertake efforts to run as an “ethical” store. What this means is, they believe in buying and using things which are considerate of and good for our environment, people, and society. With this, koé donuts have created a new kind of donut—whose ingredients and preparation they have paid particular attention to and which take into consideration sustainability and people’s health, Every single donut koé donuts sell are developed with these three concepts in mind, “Organic,” “Natural,” and “Local production for local consumption.” They also use only highly selective ingredients, such as home-made organic wheat flour, organic granulated sugar and “miyama milk” from miyama, Kyoto. That highly selective character can also be seen in the interior of the store. koé donuts’ interior features a wrap of bamboo baskets made from bamboo sourced from Kyoto’s Arashiyama. These bamboo baskets—long cherished in Kyoto kitchens—add a sense of refinement, while giving off an almost nostalgic feeling, and culminating in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
donuts melt – Strawberry
donuts melt – Strawberry / ¥850(Excl. Tax)
koé donuts’ donuts melt is a special donut not available for take-out. The donuts melt are carefully prepared every time an order comes in, meaning that they’re always sure to come out nice and fresh. On top of that, the donuts melt are eaten with a knife and fork, giving them a wholly new and unique feeling as a donut. When you first press your knife into this creation, the syrup which has spent the whole night soaking eagerly bleeds forth from the moist center of the donut. Living up to its namesake, the moment the soft donut touches your tongue, it will literally melt in your mouth. This popular pick at koé donuts combines the sweet and sourness of fresh strawberries with the refined sweetness of wasanbon sugar filled whip cream to create an absolutely exquisite pairing.
koé donuts plain
koé donuts plain / ¥200 (Excl. Tax)
koé donuts plain is a staple at koé donuts. While the koé donuts plain may be an extremely simple donut, it’s precisely this simplicity that allows the flavors of the different specialty ingredients, such as the home-made organic wheat flour ground instore and the Kyoto, Miyama milk, really to shine. The unadulterated and almost nostalgic flavors come together to make a universally loveable donut. Another thing we should mention is the texture. This donut has an unparalleled moreish soft and chewy texture. If you’re unsure about which donut to choose, we recommend going for this one.
Matcha Old-fashioned
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Matcha Old-fashioned / ¥280 (Excl. Tax)
This Matcha Old-fashioned is not only coated with a good helping of matcha chocolate but also has matcha blended into its batter too, making it a matcha medley. One bite of this donut and the flavor of the fragrant matcha will burst forth, filling your entire mouth. Since you’ve come all the way to Kyoto, we definitely recommend grabbing one of these wonderfully Kyoto-esque matcha donuts!
Baked Donut – Black Soy Beans
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Baked Donut – Black Soy Beans / ¥350 (Excl. Tax)
This baked donut uses Kyoto’s renowned Tamba black soy beans. The Tamba black soybeans are larger than regular black soybeans and are characteristically rich and sweet, making them an ingredient long cherished by Kyotoites. The actual donut itself features only a mild sweetness, giving the black soybeans room to stand out and allowing you to taste their pleasant natural sweetness. The donut’s mild sweetness also makes it the perfect donut for those of us without much of a sweet tooth. In addition to the wonderful black soybeans, unlike the donuts we introduced above, as this is a baked donut it also has a lovely crunchy outer. *Please note that depending on time and season these donuts may not be available.
How to Order

how to order - koe donuts

Menus are provided in both English and Chinese.

Photos of some items are also available, so feel free to refer to them when ordering!

- Order Tips -

*Please note that wait times for both eat-in and take-out are dependent on how busy the store is, so a wait of up to an hour is possible.

*For those eating in, please first line up and purchase your donuts at the counter before sitting down to eat. 

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koé donuts offer a massive variety of donuts, making choosing super exciting! koé donuts will always have around 15 different types of donuts on offer, but depending on the season and when you go, the donuts available are likely to change. Which is great because it means that depending on when you go, you can run into an entirely different range donuts. Also, you can’t miss out on the super cute merch of the character “Professor Donuts,” whom you’ll see spotted around the place. And, it goes without saying that this merch is, of course, all “ethical.” koé donuts’ T-shirts and tote bags use organic cotton and their tumblers and coffee mugs were made using environmentally friendly means. This merch is also exclusive to the Kyoto store, so definitely don’t miss out!
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I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that I love donuts but would never be able to bear the guilt that’d come with stuffing my face with as many as I’d really like. Luckily, koé donuts with their huge range of awesomely unique donuts take away some of that guilty feeling. With a big focus on the use of ethical, fair trade and organic products, and even some vegan options! koé donuts is guilt free in so many ways. Which is also one of the reasons they’re fast becoming a favorite in Kyoto. Their "open factory" set up is also weirdly fun to watch, and I caught myself a number of times just watching the staff frying and coating donuts one after the other.
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koé donuts
Category Cafes
Phone +81 75-748-1162
Address Eng: 557 Nakano-cho, Shinkyogoku-dori Shijo-agaru, Nakagyoku, Kyoto 604-8042 Jpn: 京都府京都市中京区新京極通四条上ル中之町五五七番地
Directions 1 Minute walk from Hankyu Kyoto Line’s “Kawaramachi” Station Exit 9
Open Hours 8:00-20:00
Reservations Unavailable
Closed Open everyday
Price range
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners / Available. Payments Via Electronic Money Available. IC Transportation Card Payments Available (Suica, Rakuten Edy, iD, QUICPay, Etc.)
Good for Solo, Romantic, With Friends, Families with Children
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
English and Chinese menus are avialable and the staff can also speak English.
Menu English and Chinese Menus Available
Lanuages spoken English
Number of seats 65 Seats + Standing Counter
Private dining rooms Unavailable
Non smoking / smoking Non-Smoking
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