Stylish original kaiseki at an Important Cultural Property
This restaurant, Kyoto Jugen, is located in the renovated Old Mitsui Villa right in front of Yasaka Pagoda. While keeping the stateliness and the historical atmosphere of the villa intact, there is also a modern refinedness to the rooms. The restaurant is for reservations-only, and each room is an elegant room of excellence. On the first and second floor there are altogether 5 rooms, and from each one of them, you can see the beautiful garden that looks different each season. When it’s light, the garden looks fresh, but at night when it’s illuminated, it takes on a more mysterious look. The food you can enjoy here is kaiseki cuisine, just as you’d expect of Kyoto Jugen. The ingredients are carefully chosen, and the tableware, the garnishing, are full of unique ideas, and make sure that the food you have is something you can only experience here. While protecting the traditions of Japanese cuisine, there is also a playfulness to the kaiseki cuisine at Kyoto Jugen. The food and atmosphere are both excellent, so this place is especially great for special occasions.
Kaiseki / ¥23,000 (+tax and 10% service charge) *Reservations accepted for 2-8 people.
This kaiseki course contains 11 dishes, from appetizers to dessert. From the first dish to the last dessert, each dish is full of the ingenuity of Kyoto Jugen, and it’s fun eating them. I want to give a special mention to the appetizer. After you start eating it, you’ll notice that there is a miniature karesansui garden below it. This karesansui garden changes in accordance to the season, so it’s something you have to see. The “plate” is made to look like a jewelry box, and after eating the appetizers on it, you can open it and take a closer look at the world of karesansui gardens. Besides this, there are many ways in which you can enjoy the dishes with not only your mouth but also with your eyes, like the bowls which each have a different pattern on them, and the sashimi which is served on Edo Kiriko glassware, that makes the sashimi look different depending on the angle you look at it. They also have a dish that is prepared right there in front of your eyes by the grand chef of Kyoto Jugen, Mr. Sugahara, so I hope you’ll also look forward to the performance by him.
They have classics here, like Katsuyama from Sendai in Miyagi prefecture, and also modern sake like the one enjoyed and acclaimed at Luis Vitton Japan’s New Year’s party, Kiss of Fire, so they really have many types of sake. If you order sake, you get to choose your own Edo Kiriko glassware cup. Edo Kiriko is a type of glassware made by carving layered glass. The glassware is famous worldwide for the skill required to carve it. Choose carefully, as I would like you to enjoy sake from an Edo Kiriko cup because each one of the cups is beautiful.
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You can order wine by bottle or glass. At Kyoto Jugen they take great care at making sure the wines are served at the temperature most suiting their taste. If you don’t know what to order, they have a sommelier recognized by the Japan Sommelier Association who can help you decide. You can enjoy wine that goes extremely well with the food and matches your preferences.
hold parties
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You can also hold parties at Kyoto Jugen, for a few people to big groups, and also meetings, trade shows; they can answer to your requirements. (Minimum group size 20 people.) They have two rooms for this, one for 20-50 people and the other for 50-100 people. Buffet style: Starting from \6,000 per person including food, drinks, and the use of the restaurant. Course meal with table service: Starting from \8,000 per person including food, drinks, and the use of the restaurant. The specialties of the service: 1. A special adviser will help you plan the party and support you all the way. 2. You can choose the meals from Japanese kaiseki or French kaiseki. 3. Maiko or geiko (geisha) can also be arranged. 4. Bus transit to the restaurant can be arranged. 5. Flower decorations and flower bouquets can be arranged. 6. Projector, screens, audio equipment available. 7. A service to prepare souvenirs for the guests available.
How to Order

Jugen menu

The menu has the names of the ingredients written in English on it. The drink menu also has the name of the drinks on it in English.

3.4 food2.8 service3.5 atmosphere4.0
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.2 food2.5 service3.0 atmosphere4.0
There are two reasons to why Kyoto Jugen is great. First, the location is perfect. It’s right in front of Yasaka Pagoda, so Kyoto Jugen is in a really Kyoto-like place. The building it’s in is also full of history; it’s in the old Mitsui Villa which they have renovated into a restaurant where you can enjoy a modern arrangement of the good old Japanese atmosphere. The second reason is in the creativeness of the dishes. Each of the dishes, from the tableware, garnishment, and how they’re done, is different from the traditional washoku style; the restaurant has created its own Jugen style. I was surprised that the meat dish served late in the course menu is cooked right in front of you by the grand chef. It became a nice memory for me, as I got to see the chef cook the food right in front of my eyes. This restaurant is recommended to those who are coming to Kyoto for the first time and want to enjoy not only Japanese cuisine but also Japanese atmosphere.
3.7 food3.0 service4.0 atmosphere4.0
There are many tourists taking pictures by the noren curtains of the restaurant, but once you step inside, in front of your eyes there is a stately mansion with a modern atmosphere and a beautiful garden. Each of the dishes is carefully chosen, but the hassun platter and sashimi plate were especially nice, a treat to the eyes. You need a reservation for this restaurant and they only have private rooms, so you don’t need to worry about being interrupted by other people, so if you want to have a luxurious experience in Kyoto, this should be your choice.
4.0 food3.3 service4.0 atmosphere4.8
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
4.2 food3.0 service4.5 atmosphere5.0
3.8 food3.5 service3.5 atmosphere4.5
Kyoto Jugen / 京都幽玄
Category Kaiseki / Kyo Ryori (Kyoto Cuisine)
Phone +81 75-533-8791
Address 385-8 Yasaka Kamimachi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Directions A 20-minute walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station. A 15-minute walk from Keihan Gion-Shijo Station. A 5-minute walk from Higashiyama-Yasui bus stop.
Open Hours Lunch:11:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. (You need to enter the restaurant before 1:30 p.m.) Dinner:5:30 p.m.-11:00 p.m. (You need to enter the restaurant before 8:00 p.m.)
Reservations Accepted
Closed Irregular holidays
Price range
Lunch Course: ¥6,800 Dinner Course: ¥16,000 / ¥23,000 (+tax and service charge)
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners / Accepted
Good for Romantic, With Friends, Families with Children
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
The menu is in English. The staff can understand some simple English.
Menu English menu
Lanuages spoken Some simple English
Number of seats 48
Private dining rooms Yes
Non smoking / smoking Nonsmoking
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