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Desserts La Flamme Bleue

Enjoy artisanal French desserts at Desserts La Flamme Bleue in downtown Kyoto
In downtown Kyoto, you can find a little restaurant which stands out in how blue it looks from outside. The wooden sign of the restaurant has the following words written on it: “Desserts La Flamme Bleue,” and as you can probably already guess, it specializes in desserts. In fact, this restaurant which only seats eight only serves desserts. At this restaurant, the appetizer is a dessert, but so is the main, and of course the dessert you’re served at the end. The price of your “meal” is decided by what main dish (dessert) you get. I’m sure that these French desserts are going to leave you feeling extra satisfied in Kyoto!
Grand Desserts: Éclipse
Grand Desserts: Éclipse / ¥1,800 (+tax)
The price of the course is decided by the main, and this time we chose the seasonal Éclipse as we just couldn’t resist this work of art which uses chocolate by the famous French chocolate manufacturer Valrhona. This dessert had caramelized pears topped with crumbled gâteau au chocolat and vanilla ice cream. You also have redcurrants to balance the sweetness in this dish. The harmony of these ingredients is intensified by the jellified chocolate you have with the dish. The menu at Desserts La Flamme Bleue changes usually every two months so look at their homepage for the latest information.
Amuse Desserts: Walnut custard crème brûlée
Amuse Desserts: Walnut custard crème brûlée
The custard used to make this crème brûlée is thick, sweet, and has a strong taste of vanilla. The pieces walnut and apple (or should we say la pomme) found inside the crème brûlée make the texture of it so much more interesting. *Note that this dish served as an appetizer changes seasonally and is not always crème brûlée.
3Let's Try!
Mignardises, also known as Petit Four, are tiny pastries enjoyed after desserts. No matter whether you look at the miniature macaron, the little cut of Castella cake, or the small chocolate coated hazelnut, they’re all works of art. In fact, they look so beautiful it’s almost a shame to eat them.
Sparkling wine
4Let's Try!
Sparkling wine / ¥900 (+tax)
You can drink coffee or tea too, but my choice was sparkling wine. I had this beautiful Moldovan Cricova Brut which with its yellow-whitish color and dry taste brought tears of joy to my eyes. The dryness of it went nicely with the sweet desserts; it especially brought out interesting notes from the already high-quality chocolate Desserts La Flamme Bleue uses.
How to Order

how to order - La Flamme Bleue

They also have souvenirs on sale like these Galette Bretonnes you can see in the picture. 

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Many of the desserts are seasonal, so be sure to give them a chance! 

3.3 food3.5 service3.0 atmosphere3.5
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.3 food3.0 service3.0 atmosphere4.0
I’ve had many desserts, but this was my first time having a full course of only desserts. The crème brûlée which started my course was great, and the walnuts in the custard formed a beautiful harmony in my mouth. The main, chocolate with caramelized pears, didn’t only look absolutely beautiful but also tasted like it. If you’re going to the shopping street of Teramachi, consider making a stop for afternoon tea at Desserts La Flamme Bleue!
3.3 food4.0 service3.0 atmosphere3.0
Desserts La Flamme Bleue brings the attention and professionalism of kaiseki into French desserts. The desserts they serve of course taste delicious, but they also look so good that it’s almost a shame to eat them. I also had an excellent cup of espresso at the La Flamme Bleue, so having a cup with your dessert might be a nice idea, unless you’re going for champagne-option.
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Desserts La Flamme Bleue
Category French, Patisserie
Phone +81 75-252-3830
Address 157-1 Takoyakushi Street, Fuyacho Street, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Directions A 10-minute walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station.
Open Hours 12 noon-7 p.m.
Reservations Accepted.
Closed Tuesdays, but check their homepage for the latest information.
Price range
Credit cards Not accepted.
Good for Solo, Romantic, With Friends
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
This place is close to the shopping street of Teramachi, so how about having afternoon tea here!
Menu Japanese and French.
Lanuages spoken Very simple English.
Number of seats 8
Private dining rooms No.
Non smoking / smoking Nonsmoking.

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