A popular casual French restaurant to enjoy authentic French cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere
If you walk north along Teramachi Street from the subway at Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station, you’ll come up on an area of town that is well-known for its recent boom of tourists from overseas looking for antiques. It’s in that same area that Le Bouchon is located. With its brick exterior, large open doors and terrace seating along the outside, Le Bouchon has a warm and inviting dining atmosphere that feels like a French street corner restaurant that all of the locals flock to. Besides the restaurant’s ambiance, the best thing about Le Bouchon is that you can casually enjoy authentic French food for a low cost. For dinner they offer a large menu of both hors d'oeuvres and main entrees, as well as a selection of desserts. The meal itself comes to ¥2,880 or more. For lunch they offer a choice of four different main entrees with salad and bread included for ¥1,240. They also have a selection of wine and other drinks to start your meal off. Between the dining atmosphere, reasonably priced food, and waitstaff that can speak fluent English, patrons are sure to have a remarkably satisfying experience when they dine at Le Bouchon. The restaurant is bustling both day and night, since it attracts locals from Kyoto as well as tourists from abroad. The staff here at Sharing Kyoto highly recommends that you check out Le Bouchon if you ever happen to stop by Teramachi Street.
Entrée + Plat + Dessert
Entrée + Plat + Dessert / ¥2,880
For dinner they offer course meals with over ten different options for both hors d'oeuvres and main entrees, and dessert is included too. The meal is accompanied by bread, homemade tapenade, and olives with the pit included. The photo shows one of their main dishes that is made with domestic free-range chicken, pork, and foie gras all wrapped together in a baked pie crust.
Horse Tartare
Horse Tartare / ¥2,800
The hors d'oeuvres and main entrees offered on their course menu can also be ordered individually. One of their most popular menu choices is the horse meat tartare that features freshly prepared sauce and other ingredients prepared right in front of you. The best way to eat this at LE BOUCHON is to mix everything up with the large side of French fries that come with it. The photo shows a half-portion, which is a single portion split up for two.
3Let's Try!
Another plus about LE BOUCHON is the menu board inside with a wide selection of desserts to order. We recommend finishing off your lunch or large dinner course with a dessert. The photo features their peach clafoutis.
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dejeuner / ¥1,340 / ¥1,540
For lunch they offer set meals with a selection of four different main entrees along with salad and bread for ¥1,340, or ¥1,540 with dessert. The photo features their popular lunch dish with grilled skirt steak and maitre d'hotel butter.
How to Order
The restaurant is constantly busy with many customers visiting from abroad, so they make sure to have staff who can speak English and French without any issue. Therefore, feel free to ask them any questions you might have before you order.
- Order Tips -
The menu is listed entirely in Japanese and French. The desserts are listed inside on the menu board as well, so check with the staff if you need to know more before placing your order.
3.7 food4.0 service3.5 atmosphere3.5
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.7 food4.0 service3.0 atmosphere4.0
Le Bouchon is a well-known French restaurant situated on Teramachi Street that attracts crowds of diners from overseas each and every day. Le Bouchon offers an approachable dining atmosphere that always offers something new, which has won over many staff members here at Sharing Kyoto. This restaurant is especially good if you’re sightseeing in Kyoto and want to take a break from Japanese food.
3.7 food4.0 service4.0 atmosphere3.0
This French restaurant offers a casual, everyday dining setting to enjoy. It’s the type of place that you can eat at whenever you want, since the food itself is absolutely amazing and the prices are even better! The bright and open interior feels just like a European cafe. If you listen closely you can hear the manager humming along and adding to the restaurant’s cheerful atmosphere. This fun and pleasant dining setting at LE BOUCHON is sure to give you a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
3.7 food4.0 service3.5 atmosphere3.5
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.7 food4.0 service3.5 atmosphere3.5
Le Bouchon
Category French
Phone +81 75-211-5220
Address 71, Enokicho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-0931
Directions 4-minute walk from Subway Tozai Line Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Stn. 10-minute walk from Keihan Line Sanjo Stn.
Open Hours Lunch 11:30am - 2:30pm | Dinner 5:30pm - 9:30pm
Reservations Accepted
Closed Thursday
Price range
Credit cards Only cash is accepted.
Good for Solo, Romantic, With Friends, Families with Children
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
The restaurant serves customers from overseas almost every day, so their entire staff is quite used to helping their customers in both English and French. Anyone coming to stop by from outside of Japan shouldn’t have any trouble whatsoever.
Menu English, French
Lanuages spoken English, French
Number of seats 32 seats
Private dining rooms None
Non smoking / smoking Completely non-smoking.
URL1 http://bellecour.co.jp/bouchon%20file/bouchon.htm
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