A special little spot on the corner weaving itself into your life
MAMEBACO is the recently opened second store of roastery “Tabinone Coffee.” In April 2019, MAMEBACO first raised their shutter with the desire to create a coffee stand which supports its hardworking farmers by conveying their passion and affection. This quaint coffee stand is always staffed by a specialized barista, bringing fresh, sweet coffee to the streets of Kyoto every day. MAMEBACO’s coffee is characterized by its mellow and sweet flavors. Rather than serving atypical coffees that are bitter and acidic, MAMEBACO purposely aimed to make their coffee easy to drink and something that weaves itself into your everyday life. This endeavor resulted in coffee that goes down easy and is delicious to even the not so coffee inclined of us. MAMEBACO was designed with the image of an old Japanese neighborhood cigarette stand in mind; a place where you could pop by and have a casual chat with their lovely team of baristas. Feel free to discuss the in-depth world of coffee with the baristas, or even just enjoy a small chat. Check out MAMEBACO next time you’re in Kyoto and enjoy a cup of their affectionately poured coffee.
Mandheling and Matcha Springy Madeleine Pairing
Mandheling and Matcha Springy Madeleine Pairing / Mandheling: ¥450 (Inc. Tax) | Matcha Springy Madeleine: ¥260 (Inc. Tax)
MAMEBACO’s Springy Madeleine is an original sweet born out of a collaboration between a specialist patisserie and their baristas. This Springy Madeleine is characterized by its chewy texture that’s between a Canelé and a Madeleine. It might seem a little on the small side, but it’s still reasonably satisfying and perfect as a snack or for when you just find yourself a little peckish. The balance of the Uji grown special Morihan matcha on the Springy Madeleine together with the mild bitterness and milkiness of the Mandheling coffee is what makes this pairing so exquisite. The mellow bitterness from both the matcha and the Mandheling coffee combine with the moist, sweetness of the Springy Madeleine so superbly that you’ll find yourself unconsciously murmuring their praises to yourself.
Papua New Guinea and Lemon Springy Madeleine Pairing
Papua New Guinea and Lemon Springy Madeleine Pairing / Papua New Guinea: ¥450 (Inc. Tax) | Lemon Springy Madeleine: ¥260 (Inc. Tax)
This Papua New Guinea coffee and Lemon Springy Madeleine pairing is markedly fresh and fruity. The Papua New Guinea coffee itself features juicy and tropically soft flavors, while the Springy Madeleine is distinguished by its use of Kunenbo, a citrus that’s even more refreshingly sweet than a mandarin. The combination of the two come together in a pairing of soft, umami filled flavors that are refreshing regardless of how full you may be. We were only able to enjoy these two pairings; however, this was only a taste of the plethora of excellent coffee pairings just waiting to be discovered. When you check out MAMEBACO yourself, feel free to check out the Springy Madeleine and coffee pairing that fits your fancy.
MAMEBACO Coffee Beans (150g)
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MAMEBACO Coffee Beans (150g) / Papua New Guinea: ¥1,125 (Inc. Tax) | Ethopia: ¥1,320 (Inc. Tax) | Mandheling: ¥1,245 (Inc. Tax) | Honduras: ¥1,320 (Inc. Tax) | Guatemala: ¥1,230 (Inc. Tax)
These cute cigarette box-like cartons featuring superb, eye-catching color palettes are the MAMEBACO - boxes of Kyoto roasted, fresh single-origin coffee beans. The MAMEBACO’s compact size means that you can not only enjoy all the beans while they’re still fresh but also pick up any roast that caught your eye without having to worry about committing to it for too long. Each MAMEBACO features a different colored card that was designed with the different flavors and notes of each specific coffee in mind. For example, the Honduras roast has a thick caramelly sweetness with an orange-like acidity, so the color of its MAMEBACO card reflects that. Representing coffee with colors is such a novel idea that’s great for those who aren’t too knowledgeable about coffee and those who are always unsure what to choose. Next time you’re at MAMEBACO, why not pick up a coffee with a color that fits your mood at that moment.
Grape Espresso Tonic
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Grape Espresso Tonic / ¥650 (Inc. Tax)
This Grape Espresso Tonic is a summer exclusive only available between the months of July and September. This refreshingly summery drink is the impressively harmonious combination of a fruity and smooth shot of espresso with grape juice packed jelly. The flavors and aromas of the espresso stand out prominently but lack any of the bitterness or astringency you’d come to expect from coffee, making this tonic an excellent option for those who are usually a little averse to coffee. The three layers of espresso, sparkling water, and grape jelly that form the moment the espresso is poured make for a bewitching looking drink. The ingredients of grape jelly, sparklingly water, and espresso that make up this tonic begin to mix when you leave them for too long, so for those wanting to take a photo of the beautiful layers, please take note.
How to Order

how to order - mamebaco

MAMEBACO’s menu features English as well, so you can simply order by pointing to what you would like.

There are a few items uncommon to coffee stands, such as the “Almond Jelly Coffee” and “Fragrant Olive Latte,” so if you are unsure what something is, feel free to ask the staff.

- Order Tips -

tips - mamebaco

At MAMEBACO the coffee is divided by roasts, giving you an easy to understand guide. 

When ordering, take a look over this guide and choose a roast that’s to your liking. 

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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
4.0 food3.5 service4.5 atmosphere4.0
MAMEBACO is the kind of coffee stand to not only provide good coffee but also make you want to go just to see the baristas. All of the baristas are friendly and will start up conversations with you, so you can enjoy casually popping by and chatting about anything and everything. Although the time you spend here will only be a blip in your day, it’s the kind of deeply refreshing experience that’ll have you wanting to come back again and again. MAMEBACO has its fair share of regulars and sometimes even gets the same person coming by multiple times a day. Feel free to really get into coffee with the baristas, or even just chat about the weather that day. Next time you find yourself in Kyoto, don’t forget to enjoy a relaxing time with a cup of coffee at MAMEBACO.
4.3 food4.0 service5.0 atmosphere4.0
Above all else, the best aspect of MAMEBACO is the warmness of their stand. From the vibrant and colorful MAMEBACO Coffee Beans to the radiant customer service, this wonderful spot just brings a natural smile to your face. Another incredible aspect of MAMEBACO is the fact that as you wait for your coffee outside the warm and welcoming stand, you naturally begin to grow closer to the staff and other nearby customers, and begin striking up casual conversations with them. All of your main coffees, from the light roasts to the dark roasts, are sweet and awesomely delicious. MAMEBACO also offer seasonal items too, so definitely check them out as well! MAMEBACO is the kind of wonderful coffee stand where you’re able to relax just by going, so I highly suggest that no matter if you're close by or not, you take the time to head over and check them out!
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Category Cafes
Phone +81 70-4330-0050
Address Eng: Marutamachi St., 1F, Aokisyoten Bld., 435, Kasugacho, Kyoto City, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto Prefecture, 602-8023, Japan Jpn: 京都市上京区春日町435番地 アオキビル1F
Directions 1 Minute-walk from Exit 2 of the Subway Karasuma Line’s Muratamachi Station
Open Hours 10:00~19:00 *Summer time (Open from 9:30 during July and August)
Reservations Unavailable
Closed None
Price range
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners / *In addition to digital payments such as Quickpay and Apple Pay, ALIPAY and LINEPay are also available
Good for Solo, Romantic, With Friends, Families with Children
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
In addition to English menus, the friendly staff will also be able to speak to you in basic English
Menu English
Lanuages spoken Basic English
Number of seats None
Private dining rooms Unavailable
Non smoking / smoking Non-smoking
URL1 https://www.instagram.com/mamebaco/?hl=ja
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