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Apr. 22, 2020 UPDATE
Murakami Kaishindo - 村上開新堂 -
Traveler Friendly
The menu is in English and staff can speak basic English.
Languages spoken
Basic English
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Apr. 22, 2020 UPDATE

Murakami Kaishindo

- 村上開新堂 -
Traveler Friendly
The menu is in English and staff can speak basic English.
Languages spoken
Basic English
272 1 --- 0 reviews
Story & Recommendation
A Service and Quality Worthy of this Store’s Rich History
Murakami Kaishindo was established in the Meiji era and is the oldest confectionery in Kyoto.
Stepping inside its old, historic building, you’re greeted by rows of simple, handmade baked sweets reminiscent of times gone by.
The cafe space showcased in this article can be found past the rows of pastries in the back of the store.
Not originally there, this cafe space was added because the owner always dreamt of having a place where even those from far away could come, relax and enjoy the store’s relatively quick to expire pastries.

Renovated from the family’s old living quarters, the café space is a warm and homely area. Featuring a traditional Kyoto garden and tokonoma, it stylishly combines classically Japanese designs with that of an antique western interior.
With the addition of a tin countertop from veteran Kyoto tinware manufacturer Seikado, all aspects of this space provide visitors with a fantastic sense of the ancient beauty of this city.

Additionally, the reason the café space feels somewhat new, while still not straying far from its roots, is that Murakami Kaishindo wanted more young people to come and take the opportunity to learn a little about the history of the store while they enjoyed the café.
In addition to the space itself, Murakami Kaishindo also made sure to pay close attention to even the cutlery and cups used. Rather than opting for ready-made, Murakami Kaishindo had original mugs, cups, and cutlery made by local craftspeople.
Each of these veritable art pieces were designed in a way to have customers enjoy the experience of eating the café’s desserts not only through taste but through all five senses. This included the visual presentation of each dessert and feel of each plate.
We highly recommend visiting Murakami Kaishindo and experiencing the quality sweets and world-class service of this longest-standing Kyoto sweets shop for yourself.
Roasted Green Tea Chiffon Cake Set
Roasted Green Tea Chiffon Cake Set *the drink is a Kaishindo blended coffee / \1,200 (inc. tax)
This Roasted Green Tea Chiffon Cake is exclusive to the Murakami Kaishindo café. The techniques of this long-standing sweets shop shrine through in this light, airy, and incredibly soft chiffon cake. Paying particular attention to the ingredients used, Murakami Kaishindo uses a hardy amount of high quality roasted green tea from fellow Kyoto veteran, Ippudo Tea. Because of the tea used, one bite is all it takes for the fragrant aromas and flavors of the roasted green tea to fill your mouth. The side of whipped cream is light and mildly sweet; a perfect match for the aromatic tea flavored chiffon cake. This set is limited to 10 per day, so if you are adamant about trying it, we highly suggest you get there early.
Chocolate Fondant Set
Chocolate Fondant Set *the drink is a Kaishindo blended coffee / \1,200 (inc. tax)
This Chocolate Fondant is another Murakami Kaishindo café exclusive. Accompanied by a single raspberry and side of whipped cream, this deeply satisfying and adorable chocolate fondant has the decadent flavors of dark chocolate. The exquisitely balanced not too sweet and not too bitter flavors combined with the chocolate’s richness, making this definitely a dessert aimed at those with a more matured palate. Slicing into the cake reveals a perfectly uncooked, gooey center. This molten center is silky smooth and downright delectable. This set is also limited to only 10 per day, so again, we highly recommend getting there early if you intend on nabbing one yourself.
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Pastry Set
Pastry Set *pictured is a raisin Russia Cake and white peach earl grey iced tea / \900 (inc. tax)
This pastry and drink set is Murakami Kaishindo's most well known menu item. The set comes with a drink and your choice of pastry. These can be Murakami Kaishindo’s famous Russia Cake, a madeleine, dacquoise, Florentine or gallete. The Russia Cakes come in five variations, raisin, grape jam, apricot, chocolate, and a yuzu jam sandwich. While there is a range of pastries you can choose from, the most popular one is the Russia Cakes. The Russia Cakes are twice-baked cookies with a dap of either jam or chocolate in the center. Murakami Kaishindo started the large-scale manufacturing of these cakes back in 1955. While the Russian Cakes may look like cookies, they actually have a slightly softer texture than a regular cookie. The mild sweetness and noticeable presence of egg and butter give these cakes almost nostalgic flavors. All of the pastries available are delicious, but if it's your first time at Murakami Shinkaido, then we highly recommend trying the Russia Cake.
How to Order

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While the menu is largely in English, some items are only in Japanese. If there are any items you’re unsure how to say in Japanese, then order by showing the staff the photos included above.

- Order Tips -

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If any of the pastries you tried in the café piqued your interest, then why not get a few as a souvenir on your way out? 

Of course, you can always just get them for yourself, but think about getting a few for friends and family back home.


All names are written only in Japanese, so please take a careful look at what’s inside the display cabinets. If you don’t know what something is, then simply point to it and ask.

The staff can speak basic English and will be happy to try and help.

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