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Sep. 04, 2020 UPDATE
Salon de Royal Kyoto
Traveler Friendly
The staff can only speak simple English.
Japanese and some English
Languages spoken
Basic English
681 1 --- 0 reviews
Sep. 04, 2020 UPDATE

Salon de Royal Kyoto

Traveler Friendly
The staff can only speak simple English.
Japanese and some English
Languages spoken
Basic English
681 1 --- 0 reviews
Story & Recommendation
A royal chocolatier on the bank of the Kamogawa River
Established in 1935, Salon de Royal Kyoto is a specialty chocolatier located on the street of Kiyamachi-dori, along the bank of the Kamogawa River. Once you pass through the cramped “alleyway” entrance, you’ll be greeted by a magnificent jewelry box-like display case of chocolates. Salon de Royal Kyoto offer a range of sweets, including chocolate cakes made with chocolate sourced from France, as well as, macarons and Mont Blanc. In addition, Salon de Royal Kyoto also use traditionally Kyoto ingredients, such as Nishikyo-miso, Kombu (kelp), and Umeshu (plum wine) in combination with chocolate to offer both unique and wonderfully Kyoto-esque flavors. From May until the end of September, the outdoor Kawayuka seating area opens up, offering a wonderful place to enjoy a coffee and dessert with a view of the Kamogawa River. Salon de Royal Kyoto also sell beautifully packaged items, perfect as souvenirs for loved ones, too.
Chocolat Vanille
Chocolat Vanille / ¥600 (Inc. Tax)
One of the most popular items at Salon de Royal Kyoto, the Chocolat Vanille, is a chocolate cake made with a fragrant vanilla Anglaise custard cream and a rich chocolate mousse. The chocolate mousse contains both vanilla custard cream as well as ganache, giving it a creamy, rich sweetness with a smooth, melt in the mouth texture. One bite of this wildly extravagant dessert and you’ll be in heaven.
Left: Pecan (Matcha) | Right Pecan (Candy Coated)
Left: Pecan (Matcha) ¥450(Inc. Tax) / Right Pecan (Candy Coated) ¥450(Inc. Tax)
Chocolate coated pecans are another hugely popular item at Salon de Royal Kyoto. Matcha Pecans The matcha pecans are first coated in a layer of matcha chocolate, then finished with a dusting of matcha powder. The packaging features images of Japanese hairpins, lacquered wooden sandals, and fans, making them an amazing Kyoto souvenir. Candy Coated Pecans Coated in a layer of candy, these pecans are then covered in white chocolate and dusted with a caramel powder. The crunchy pecan nuts together with the sweet white chocolate make this pairing simply irresistible.
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雅 MIYABI / ¥1500 (Inc. Tax)
In 2018, Salon de Royal Kyoto won the chocolate appreciation society, *Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat’s AWARD DE L’EXCELLENCE award for best international chocolatier at the Salon du Chocolat international chocolate trade fair. Fusing chocolate with ingredients from Japan, Salon de Royal Kyoto created new flavors that showcased the delicate tastes of Kyoto. Top-left: Zen Zen is a rich and creamy chocolate made from strained tofu, black sesame paste, and three varieties of chocolate ganache, including Gana milk chocolate, low-sugar white chocolate, and a milk chocolate made through a special fermentation process. Top-right: Midori      Made with fragrant Japanese sansho pepper ganache, Kyoto grown bamboo shoot Confit and whiskey, Midori is a multi-layered chocolate. The aroma of the spicy sansho pepper and umami of the full-bodied whiskey make for a complex pairing that’s simply made for each other. Bottom-left: Miyako Miyako is a chocolate ganache made from the combination of two different dark chocolate ganache and a milk chocolate made with Kyoto brewed sake. With a layer of citrusy, aromatic Yuzu Pâte de fruit in the middle, this chocolate allows you to enjoy all the pleasures of a three-layered chocolate ganache. Bottom-right: Aoi     This chocolate ganache is made up of a strongly cacao flavored dark chocolate and spicy and refreshing real wasabi. The addition of tiny little Japanese rice Krispies throughout the chocolate give the chocolate an absolutely irresistible crispy texture. *Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat, or “C.C.C.” is a French society of chocolate appreciation established in 1981. A panel of 20 judges each taste and award the chocolates of the entered chocolatier with tablets of either gold, silver or bronze.
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Baked Goods
Baked Goods / ¥220~(Inc. Tax)
Salon de Royal Kyoto also offer a range of baked goods that utilize their world-class chocolate. From the front of the photo, there is the Orangette (¥320 | Inc. Tax), the Florentin (¥320 | Inc. Tax), and the Toramimi Tigre (white) (¥320 | Inc. Tax). Orangette Salon de Royal Kyoto’s Orangette is a slice of Brazilian orange preserved in syrup and dipped in two types of chocolate. It features a soft and chewy texture. Florentin Salon de Royal Kyoto’s florentin is made from almond and hazelnuts baked with caramel and dipped in dark chocolate. Toramimi Tigre (white) A traditional French sweet, the Toramimi Tigre is a financier layered in a swath of chocolate ganache. The balance of the dense cake and chocolate create an exquisite pairing.
How to Order

how to order - salon de royal

Item names are written in Japanese (with some being in English), so feel free to point to what you would like when ordering.

For those enjoying the café, the staff will seat you and present you with a menu which includes English. Look over the menu and order when ready. 

・Children of three years and below will not be allowed into the café.

・The store is quite small, so please refrain from bringing any strollers. 

・An order of 1 drink is required per customer.

- Order Tips -

① Enjoy delicious sweets on the Kawayuka deck!

tips - salon de royal 1From May to September, the Kawayuka deck is opened, allowing you to enjoy your cakes and chocolates outside!

② Live piano performance

tips - salon de royal 2Enjoy a splendid time looking out onto the Kamogawa River while listening to the dulcet tones of the live piano performance.

Live performance schedule 


1st performance: 16:30~

2nd performance: 17:30

Piano performance: Sun/Wed 14:30~

Violin performance: Tues/Thur 14:30~

Piano performance: Mon 14:30~

*For more details, check the social media pages below

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/salon.de.royal.kyoto/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/salon_de_royal_kyoto/?hl=ja

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