Spicy keema curry with crunchy & sweet vegetables
“Spice Chamber” is famous for spicy keema and chicken curries. You certainly would like their spicy curries as they are and also by adding some cheese on top of keema curry to make it milder. Crunchy texture of vegetables and juicy ground meat are well balanced and the rich and flavorful taste would spread in your month. Inside of the restaurant, many kinds of spices are lined on the shelves. You may also enjoy looking at staff working in a kitchen from your counter seats. There are various guests of a wide age range such as office workers, single visitors, couples and so on. It is located in the very accessible area near Subway Shijo Station.
Keema curry
Keema curry / ¥1,000
Keema curry is very spicy but juicy ground meat and sweet peppers go well and chopped onions adjust the hot spiciness. You can add cheese on top which would be broiled over a fire. It is unique that this curry comes with sour pickled plum called “umeboshi” on top of it. We noticed that this pickled plum makes this spicy keema curry fresher.
Coffee gyu-nyu
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Coffee gyu-nyu (Coffee with milk and sugar) / ¥200
This sweet coffee drink best matches with spicy keema curry as it makes the hot spice milder and fresher. They serve it with a glass bottle which is a quaint old-fashioned manner.
How to Order

All the curries come with pickled vegetables. We suggest that you eat curry with them as they make the spicy curry fresher. Please note that they only serve keema curry on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Beverages such as coffee, coke and beer are available from ¥200- ¥460.

- Order Tips -
You can add cheese topping on keema curry for ¥100. You can also ask for a half size cheese which costs ¥50. We recommend you put cheese for keema curry to have a milder taste. You can also choose the size of the curry: large size for +¥200 and small size for -¥100.
3.3 food4.0 service3.0 atmosphere3.0
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.3 food4.0 service3.0 atmosphere3.0
This shop is famous for their spicy kima curry. On their menu they only have the kima curry and chicken curry. My personal favorite has to be the kima curry topped with cheese! The curry is so spicy you are bound to sweat when you eat it, but the cheese will make it a bit milder and create an unbelievably good taste! Recommended!
3.3 food4.0 service3.0 atmosphere3.0
There are tons of music CDs in the restaurant! It is fun to listen to those upbeat music while eating curry. You can order a takeout keema curry bento (lunch box) for ¥1,000 which is good for those who don't have much time as it is served quickly. Please eat up within that day.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
United States of America
4.2 food5.0 service3.5 atmosphere4.0
4.0 food4.5 service3.5 atmosphere4.0
3.7 food4.5 service3.5 atmosphere3.0
Spice Chamber
Category Curry
Phone +81-75-342-3813
Address 502 Hakurakutencho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
Directions 3 minutes walk from Subway Shijo/ Hankyu Karasuma station.
Open Hours 11:30a.m. - 3:00p.m. (Monday - Saturday) 6:00p.m. - 8:00p.m. (Tuesday and Thursday only)
Reservations Not accepted
Closed Sunday and holiday
Notes As there are only 7 counter seats, it would be very crowded during lunch time. We recommend that you visit there at 11:30a.m. (their opening hour) or after 1:30p.m. in order to avoid the crowds. Please note that they close as all the curries of the day sold out.
Price range
¥1,000 - ¥1,500
Credit cards Not accepted
Good for Solo, With Friends
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
The chef speaks English
Menu Japanese only
Lanuages spoken English (customer service level)
Number of seats 7 counter seats
Private dining rooms None
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking
URL1 http://spicechamber.com/
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