A long-running teahouse famous as “Anmitsu Tsukigase”
The foundation of Tsukigase can be traced back to 1926. The small shop was originally located in Shijo-kawaramachi, Kyoto. It has been serving sweets made from ingredients that are carefully selected. There are 3 shops in Kyoto, the head store Gion honten, sakaimachi-ten, and Kyoto-takashimaya-ten (in Takashimaya department store), which is one we are introducing today. Three of shops have in common that a hot product is “anmitsu”. It is very steady that the cafe has a nickname of “anmitsu-tsukigase”. Not need to say it is loved by Kyoto people and tourists for a long time. Let’s get back to what anmitsu is. It is a Japanese sweet contains a kind of red pea called “mitsu-mame” with sugared syrup. And some other toppings like red bean paste are added on the top. Anmitsu from Tsukigase has an elegant taste because the red bean paste is plain. This is not only popular dish, also shaved ice for summer and zenzai for winter, many seasonal menus are available. Some of hot products such as anmitsu or mitsumame can be take-way. Have a special confectionery in a quiet cafe after fun shopping in Takashimaya department store.
Matcha Cream Anmitsu
Matcha Cream Anmitsu / ¥951
Although there are various kinds of anmitsu, the hottest one is “Matcha Cream Anmitsu”, with matcha ice cream, or green tea ice cream on the top. Red bean paste on agar jelly, a slice of banana, gyuhi which is a kind of mochi made from rice flour and starch syrup. matcha ice cream, a cherry are all in a bowl. Brown sugar syrup is poured to finish it. It is amazingly good to have not-too-sweet bean paste and syrup together with cool green ice cream.
Matcha and Sweets Set
Matcha and Sweets Set / ¥864
After a meal, relax with special matcha tea and a little confectionery. The matcha tea isn’t so bitter, just palatable. The fresh sweet used homemade red bean paste has mochi inside, and chestnut-looking sugar candy come with a tea. Both sweets are mild and light, and have good chemistry with matcha tea. ※ Sweets change in season
Ume zen
3Let's Try!
Ume zen / ¥972
You can also have a meal at Tsukigase. Ume zen set lunch consists of straw-bag-shaped red rice, clear-soup zoni and squash pickles. The soup tastes broth well and simple that it doesn’t get you fill, highly recommended. Another lunch set, “Sakurazen” is composed of the same dishes of Ume zen plus red bean and rice flour dumplings for dessert.
Abekawa Mochi
4Let's Try!
Abekawa Mochi / ¥810
Mochi dessert is also hot product here. It is made right after you order so that you can always have just prepared soft mochi. Soybean flour and superfine sugar well on mochi, which smells good and cannot stop your hand. It gets tough as time goes, so finish quickly!
How to Order

English menu is available. Many pictures will help you to choose what you like.

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Order one dish per person. Please follow their policy.
2.8 food3.0 service3.0 atmosphere2.5
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.0 food3.0 service3.0 atmosphere3.0
At Tsukigase, all of food used for anmitsu is hand-made from carefully selected ingredients except fruits and ice cream, which is tasty. Especially jelly made from agar and red bean paste are their proud toppings on anmitsu bowl. It is as delicious as some said they hadn’t had better anmitsu. Besides, waitpersons are so kind and will give you a peaceful time. With family, friend, or by yourself, it will be surely satisfying.
2.7 food3.0 service3.0 atmosphere2.0
Historic Japanese confectionery teahouse, Tsukigase, its stable sweet anmitsu, shaved ice for summer and zenzai for winter give you a reason to visit it in all seasons. All menus are good but my favorite is mochi-dessert. Have a break here when you get tired of walking in the department store.
2.7 food3.0 service2.5 atmosphere2.5
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Hong Kong
2.7 food3.0 service2.5 atmosphere2.5
Amatou Kissa Tsukigase / 月ヶ瀬
Category Wagashi (Japanese Sweets), Matcha / Green Tea
Phone +81 75-221-8811
Address 52 Nishiiru Shincho, Shijo-dori Kawaramachi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
Directions Directly connected to Hankyu Kyoto line Kawaramachi station
Open Hours 10:00am - 20:00pm (L.O 19:30pm)
Reservations No reservation is accepted. It might be busy around 3 o’clock with shoppers
Closed Irregular (depending on Kyoto Takashimaya department)
Price range
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc.
Good for Solo, Romantic, With Friends, Families with Children
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Waitpersons speak English only a little. Nevertheless English menu with pictures is available so shouldn’t be problem.
Menu Japanese, English
Lanuages spoken Japanese only
Number of seats 44 seats
Private dining rooms Nothing
Non smoking / smoking Non smoking
URL1 http://www.tsukigase.jp/

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