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ZenKashoin Kyoto Muromachi Store

- 然花抄院 京都室町本店 -
Enjoy one-of-a-kind desserts in a traditional Kyoto townhouse
ZenKashoin are a Japanese/Western confectioner who specializes mainly in the Portuguese derived sponge cake, Castella. ZenKashoin was founded on the concept of “Strive to befit both our flowers and our sweets with a state deserving of them.” In addition to this, they also strive to be a place that offers hospitality together with their sweets, without pretension and vanity, just as they are. Staying true to their foundational concepts, they pay special attention to simplicity in their desserts and utilize the high-quality that comes from that to create sweets that contain an unparalleled simplicity. In the cafe space, Zen cafe, you can sit back and enjoy some ZenKashoin specialty desserts as you peer out on the beautiful Nakaniwa garden from the wide-open 300-year-old Machiya townhouse.
Zen no Zen *Pictured: Added Sekkaso & Poran
Zen no Zen *Pictured: Added Sekkaso & Poran / ¥1,000 (Inc. Tax) ~
The Zen no Zen is a drink and castella set featuring ZenKashoin’s signature “Zen” Castella. The “Zen” Castella is a paper-baked castella made from locally sourced Kyoto laid eggs. Its biggest draw is its rich yolky flavor and gooey texture that isn’t found anywhere else. For an extra ¥300, you can add any one of the following desserts. “Zen” Castella Ten: A matcha version of the cafe’s signature “Zen” Castella. This castella uses Uji Matcha and features a wonderfully light texture with a rich aroma that comes from the drawn-out umami of the “Tencha” matcha. Poran: A rich custard cream filled gently baked open castella Sekkaso: A Kyoto grown matcha castella stuffed with matcha ice cream. Ranmitsu: A castella made by slowly baking the rich yolks of Kyoto laid eggs in paper to give it a wonderfully crumbly texture. *All desserts included in this Zen no Zen set can be purchased for takeaway from the store adjacent to the cafe.
Match no Zen *Available: April to May
Match no Zen *Available: April to May / ¥1,200~ (Incl. Tax) *Pictured: Matcha Set ¥1,300 (Inc. Tax)
This is the Matcha no Zen set only available until the end of May. A dessert made for matcha lovers that doesn’t skimp on the locally produced Kyoto matcha. A plate containing a richly aromatic Uji Matcha castella covered in a dusting of meringue and a dollop of whip cream, a mild flavored Sencha jelly topped matcha flan with a side of anko red bean and a unique spiral-shaped matcha meringue that rests lightly on a scoop of vanilla ice cream. In addition to indulging in each individual dessert on their own, try dipping them in the accompanying whip cream, anko red beans or vanilla ice cream and enjoy a variety of flavors.
“Zen” Castella *Pictured: Large
3Let's Try!
“Zen” Castella *Pictured: Large / ¥Large: ¥1,620 (Inc. Tax) Small: ¥648 (Inc. Tax)
This is the takeaway version of the above mentioned “Zen” Castella. This ZenKashoin original paper box features a sleek and elegant design. ZenKashoin have of course made the “Zen” castella taste delicious, but they’ve also worked hard to make it look amazing too, making this an excellent gift for a loved one. The “Zen” Castella comes in two sizes, small and large. Why not get a large as a gift and pick up the small to treat yourself. *Be advised that the “Zen” Castella has a fridge life of 2 days, including the day of purchase.
Various Matcha Sweets From top-left: Honwakamaru Matcha, Matcha Gengetsu, Jojo, Ogoniro no Densetsu Matcha
4Let's Try!
Various Matcha Sweets From top-left: Honwakamaru Matcha, Matcha Gengetsu, Jojo, Ogoniro no Densetsu Matcha / Honwakamaru Matcha:¥195 (Inc. Tax) | Matcha Gengetsu:¥141 (Inc. Tax) | Jojo (1 bag):¥216 (Inc. Tax) |Ogoniro no Densetsu matcha (1 box): ¥1,296 (Inc. Tax)
These are a selection of various Kyoto Matcha products that can be purchased in ZenKashoin’s store. Each of these desserts have a best before date of over a month, so for those heading home soon, they will be perfect as souvenirs for friends and family. Honwakamaru Matcha: This Matcha Dorayaki is two round, wonderfully chewy castella-like cakes that use a glutinous rice flour called Gyuhi, stuffed with richly aromatic matcha sweet bean paste, made from white kidney beans. Matcha Gengetsu: A crunchy waffle made from concentrated matcha and contains a Kyoto grown matcha flavored cream inside. Jojo: Chocolate rusks made from a mixture of castella rusks, chocolate, and the addition of Uji Matcha. These rusks feature a wonderfully addicting crumbly and crunchy texture. Ogoniro no Densetsu Matcha: Bakers use the golden ratio for their original blend flour and fresh eggs to gently bake this specialty castella one by one. Richly fragrant with the aroma of Kyoto Matcha, this castella is one of ZenKashoin’s signature desserts.
How to Order

The menus feature English, Chinese and Korean.

In addition, there are staff who can speak both English and Chinese.

- Order Tips -

ZenKashoin’s Zen Cafe requires each person to order at least one dish.

4.3 food4.3 service4.3 atmosphere4.3
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
4.2 food4.0 service4.5 atmosphere4.0
The confectionery “ZenKashoin” are particularly well-known for their castella. From inside the cafe which is an amazing traditional Kyoto townhouse, you can look out upon the Japanese garden and I thought that was just fantastic. The gooey “Zen” Castella almost felt like you were eating straight custard cream it was so creamy. With just the right amount of sweetness, this rich castella has a wonderful creaminess from the eggs and is sure to get you hooked. This is the fourth time I’ve had one of these castella, but it was as good as ever and made me happy just eating it. The “Sekkaso” matcha ice cream castella sandwich strikes the perfect balance between the bitterness of the matcha and the sweetness of the castella, and is perfect for those matcha lovers out there. In Taiwan as well there’s a branch of “ZanKashoin.” but you can only by some of the desserts. Because of the best before date, you can only get the signature “Zen” castella at this Kyoto Muromachi store, and the Hirakie ShinQs store in Shibuya, Tokyo. So if you’re visiting Kyoto, definitely check out this place!
4.3 food4.5 service4.0 atmosphere4.5
I was already plenty interested enough hearing that it was a confectioner that has “the wonderful feel of a traditional Kyoto townhouse,” but what I personally found really wonderful was the quality of the desserts. There are plenty of stores in Kyoto that I think are absolutely outstanding and incredibly delicious, but there aren’t that many stores where you can be sure that everything from their regular menu to their seasonal menu is sure to be great. Every single one of ZenKashoin’s desserts are great. When you try them for yourself, you truly understanding that there is a focus on simplicity and that they have been carefully prepared. ZenKashoin is one place that I feel like I could keep going I trust them so much to keep putting out great desserts. If you are ever looking for something to give to a loved one, definitely give ZenKashoin a visit.
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ZenKashoin Kyoto Muromachi Store / 然花抄院 京都室町本店
Category Cafes
Phone +81 75-241-3300
Address Jap: 京都市中京区室町通二条下ル蛸薬師町 271-1
Directions 6 Minute walk from Karasumaoike Subway Station Exit 2
Open Hours 11:00 to 19:00(Zen Café: Last Order 18:30)
Reservations Unavailable
Closed Every 2nd and 4th Monday *If Monday happens to be a holiday, they will be closed the following day instead.
Notes Zen Cafe is busy during the cherry blossom and maple leaf seasons (April / November), so there may be a wait. Please take a seat inside or take a look around the shop as you wait.
Price range
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX / Available
Good for Solo, Romantic, With Friends, Families with Children
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
English, Chinese and Korean menu and English and Chinese speaking staff are available.
Menu English, Chinese, and Korean
Lanuages spoken Basic English and Chinese
Number of seats 20
Private dining rooms Available
Non smoking / smoking Non-smoking
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