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PeriodSeptember 28, 2019 November 2, 23-24, 2019
VenueKyoto International Manga Museum
Japanese subculture event for cosplay lovers
Japan is not only famous for the rich culture and history, but also for subcultures such as manga, anime, and computer games and so on. The event venue is in Kyoto International Manga Museum where is located in the center of Kyoto. They stock more than 300,000 manga, magazines and their historical records from Meiji Era (about 1870 - 1910) to the recent years in different languages. They are mainly Japanese comics but there also is a space called “Manga Expo” for foreign books in more than 10 languages. In Kyoto International Manga Museum, there is a cosplay event called “COSJOY” twice or three times every month and you can wear the costumes of your favorite characters from manga, anime and games etc. (please prepare your own costume as there is no costume rental service in Kyoto International Manga Museum). There are many foreign guests joining this event nowadays, so please feel free to visit there!
Enjoy watching the cosplayers
Enjoy watching the cosplayers
On the event day, you can go to the museum ground in Kyoto International Manga Museum and do photo shoot. Even if you are not familiar with Japanese anime and manga, it surely is fun watching their costumes and how they act (some of them try to act like the real character!).
Try the costumes
2Let's join!
Try the costumes
If you would like to join this event by wearing the costume, please feel free to try it! You can bring your own costume from your country or buy it while in Kyoto. There are several shops that sell the manga and anime costumes in downtown area. There are some foreign cosplayers joining this event as well!
Museum café MM
3Let's join!
Museum café MM
When you join this lively COSJOY, you may be thirsty during the event! There is a cafe called "Museum cafe MM” facing the main entrance and you can use the cafe service with your costumes on. There are some drinks and lunch menus, and the desserts are all tasty! There are two separated room in this cafe and in the room with counter seats, there are many autographs of famous comic artists who came to International Kyoto Manga Museum on the wall, so please check that out, too!
4.0 experience3.5 access4.0 photogenic4.5
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
4.0 experience3.5 access4.0 photogenic4.5
I highly recommend this event if you are interested in Japanese subcultures! This is such a good opportunity to see many cosplayers at once. As the event is held all day (10:30am-5pm), you can enjoy COSJOY and also the various kinds of manga comics in Kyoto International Manga Museum!
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Phone +81 75-254-7414
Address Karasuma-Oike, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0846 Japan
Directions 2-minute walk from Karasuma Oike Station by Subway Karasuma Line. (Exit 2)
Event time 10:00am-5pm
Price range
Entrance fee ■ Adults 800 yen ■ High and Junior High School Students 300 yen ■ Elementary School Students 100 yen * Group discount available. (20 people or more) * Not applicable with other discounts. * Preschool children may enter free of charge. * The fee for the Special Exhibition is separate. COSJOY FEE ■1,000 yen (Free for children under 8 years old)
Credit cards Not accepted (You can use the credit card at shops inside of the museum)
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
As there are official brochures of Kyoto International Manga Museum in several languages, it is easy to understand this facility. Please visit Manga Expo as there are many Japanese translated manga and foreign comics in many languages!
Information Official brochures of Kyoto International Manga Museum in several foreign languages (English, Chinese, Korean, French and Japanese) are available
Lanuages spoken Japanese, English
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