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Doll Exhibition

- 人形展 -
PeriodSpring Exhibition : March 1st - April 3rd Autumn Exhibition : November 1st - 30th
VenueHokyoji Temple
Enjoy an elegant dolls world which is held in Hokyoji Temple
Hokyoji temple has inherited the doctrine from Keiaiji temple which is the first rank of the Ama Gozan of the five important Rinzaishu temples. Rinzaishu is a religion which prospered in Muromachi period(1338-1573). Hokyoji temple was contributed by emperor Kogo and his daughter Karinnomiyaegon. And the name of Hokyoji temple was given by emperor Gokogo to Karinnomiyaegon. Typically, Hokyoji temple is called as a ‘Doll temple’and open to public in spring and autumn season. The rare type of camellia or nadeshiko is bloomed throughout the year. A doll exhibition which has a lot of historical dolls has been continued since 1962.
Dolls exhibition
Dolls exhibition
Mainly, Kyoto dolls are displayed in the exhibition but, dolls from other regions are also exhibited. Different themes are given to each exhibition and gorgeous life-sized dolls are displayed. Please enjoy the elegant dolls world which gives you a peace of mind.
Gosho doll
Gosho doll
Gosho doll which is the symbol of cute Kyoto doll is sculptured in the stone monument. The song which was offered by Mushanokoji Saneatsu who is a famous Japanese novelist is written under the stone. This monument was built as an important memorial tower of the peoples who engaged in making the dolls.
Main hall and Amida hall
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Main hall and Amida hall
During the exhibition period, the main hall and Amida hall are specially open to the public. In addition to that, [crane turtle garden] where Princess Kazunomiya played in her young age. Please visit the main hall and the amida hall as well.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
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Hinamatsuri ( doll festival) is a famous culture of Japan. Doll festivals are held in many places, but this doll exhibition is really rare. Especially, I am interested in life-size dolls, I have never seen that. It may give you an impact ! The exhibition is held in spring and autumn, which are tourist seasons, so please enjoy garden as well, it will be filled with colorful flowers or maple leaves.
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Doll Exhibition / 人形展
Phone +81 75-451-1550
Address 547 dodocho, horikawa higashiiru, teranouchi, kamigyo-ku, Kyoto city
Directions Fifteen minutes by walk from Subway karasuma line kuramaguchi exit of Imadegawa station
Event time 10 am - 4 pm (The final acceptance 3:30 pm)
Cancellations No
Price range
600 yen for adults
Credit cards Not accepted
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
It is good opportunity to see the traditional Japanese dolls. Life-size dolls are really rare.
Information Japanese only
Lanuages spoken Japanese only
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