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Kangetsu-no-yube (Moon-viewing party)

- 観月の夕べ -
PeriodSeptember 13th - 15th, 2019
VenueDaikaku-ji Temple
Enjoy beautiful moon reflected on the surface of the river and in the sky from the boat
Kangetsu-no-yube, the moon-viewing party, is an annual event held in Daikaku-ji Temple where is well known as a flower temple since Ikebana (the Japanese art of flower arrangement) was originated in this temple. Daikaku-ji Temple was established in 876 in Arashiyama area and it used to be a Rikyu (villa) of Saga emperor at the early Heian period, about 1,200 years ago. Since the premises in the site are really large, there are a lot of enjoyable spots, including a pond with a beautiful garden, a picture of dragon on the ceiling, and some traditional buildings that you can’t miss! Kangetsu-no-yube (Moon-viewing party) began when Emperor Saga floated a boat on the Osawa-no-ike Pond on the night of the harvest moon and had a party with persons of culture and aristocrats. Enjoy the precious occasion when you can see both the brilliant moon in the night sky and the reflection on the calm surface of the water. An altar from where you can view the moon is set up and Buddhist service under the moon (6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.) is held during the term (referred to an official website). This event will be held during the moon-viewing season (normally in October) for three days. ▼Click here for Writer's Blog (Part1) http://sharing-kyoto.com/Blog/b_Kangetsu_no_YubePart1/ ▼Click here for Writer's Blog (Part2) http://sharing-kyoto.com/Blog/b_Kangetsu_no_YubePart2/
Ryu-tou Gekishu boat
Ryu-tou Gekishu boat
You can enjoy the boat called Ryu-tou Gekishu which is the boat decorated with the head of the dragon. Boat tickets will be sold around 3PM on the event day (¥1,000/ person) in front of the imperial envoy gate. Please note that the tickets are sold up to 4 tickets per person. Boarding time will be as follows; 5PM, 6PM, 7PM and 8PM. It is about a 20 minutes ride and you can enjoy both the lotus flowers in the twilight and the beautiful moon after the sunset. *Depending on the weather, the boarding time may give or take few minutes, or be canceled.
The picture of Yasuido-tenjyo-unryu-zu
The picture of Yasuido-tenjyo-unryu-zu
You can see the two styles of ceilings in Mieido that was moved from Yasui-monzeki Renge-koin Temple in Higashiyama of Kyoto in 1871. The dragon with power is painted on the ceilings called Kagami Tenjo whereas delicate and lovely birds and flowers on the other ceiling, Gou-Tenjo. Although both of them are at the same hall, they have totally different images.
Enjoy the special event for moon-viewing party
3Let's join!
Enjoy the special event for moon-viewing party
This event will be held to pray for the bumper crop by setting the altar where you can view the moon and give offerings such as the sweet dumplings, potatoes, beans, vegetables, teas and flowers. Please enjoy the solemn and sacred atmosphere.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
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Kangetsuki no Yube is a chance to see the full moon from a boat, or a chance to take a picture of the full moon and the boat reflecting from the pond. If the weather is good you should be able to see two moons, one in the sky and one on the pond!
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You can leisurely view the moon on a yakatabune boat on Osawa pond during the Kangetsuki no Yube event. The area is surrounded by mountains, there are no lights, even no lanterns, so this is a chance to get away from the bustle of the city.
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Kangetsu-no-yube (Moon-viewing party) / 観月の夕べ
Phone +81 75-871-0071
Address 4 Saga-Osawamachi, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi 616-8411
Directions 17 minute-walk from Sagano Arashiyama Station by JR Sagano Line
Event time 5pm - 9pm
Cancellations Depending on the weather, the event schedules may be changed and the Ryu-tou Gekishu boat service may be canceled.
Notes Please come to the boat boarding area on time if you ride on the Ryu-tou Gekishu boat. As visitors gather and make a line at once, you may not be able to ride when you would like. Please also be advised that the advanced reservation is NOT available.
Price range
Boat tickets: ¥1,000/ person
Credit cards Not available
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Even if you don’t understand Japanese, you will surely enjoy the elegant atmosphere in this event. Please also check the official English website!
Information English brochure is available
Lanuages spoken Japanese
URL1 https://www.daikakuji.or.jp/english/annual-events/
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