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Miyako dance

- 都をどり -
PeriodApril 1st ~ 30th, 2017
Fascinations of Kyoto are represented with gorgeous dance and costumes
Miyako dance is held at Gionkobukaburenjo from April 1st to 30th. Shows are performed 4 times per day. (12:30pm / 2pm / 3:30pm / 4:50) The origin of Miyako dance is Meiji Restoration which is the big transformation of Japanese political power. The capital of Japan was relocated to Tokyo from Kyoto during that time, and the exposition was planned to maintain the tradition of Kyoto. Miyako dance was started as an entertainment in order to add the interesting aspects with the exposition. The first performance of Miyako dance was held on 1872 at the temporary venue in Gion. It has been continued for more than 100 years. Miyako dance starts with a call and 20 performers who are wearing a same costume and folding fan are coming from the runway located both side of audience seats. At that moment, audience is drawn into the Miyako dance world. The motif of performance consists of 8 scenes of the seasons, and Kyoto's traditional places or each season's atmospheres are represented by the song and dance. The signature point of Miyako dance is that the turning of the seasons (a change of stages) is progressed without downing the curtain. The starting seasons are spring and summer, fall and winter are rotated suddenly, and then the finale is a brilliant spring season again with full-bloom cherry blossoms. The magnificent finale stage is too bright to see! Miyako dance is performed in one hour without a break, so, it makes possible to be soaked in Miyako dance world deeply. ▼Click here for Writer's Blog
The Gion kobu kaburenjo theater ( The venue of Miyako dance )
The Gion kobu kaburenjo theater ( The venue of Miyako dance )
The Gion kobu kaburenjo theater was built in 1873 as part of reconstruction of Kenninji temple and it has been used as a Miyako dance venue from the second performance. The Gion kobu kaburenjo theater’ was relocated to the current place in 1913 and Miyako dance has been held every year there except 1950, 1951 and 1953 for renovation. The inside is a 3 story construction, and 848 seats are available.
Executive seats which offer matcha and tea ceremony
Executive seats which offer matcha and tea ceremony
In addition to unreserved seats and first class seats, Miyako dance has executive seats which offers matcha and tea ceremony by Geiko. You can bring a plate with confection as a souvenir. We recommend the executive seats to experience Japanese traditional cultures for the first time visitors.
Costume display
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Costume display
The costume and band of the year are displayed. Kimono is made with hand-made Yuzen and band is made with Nishijin. Both of Yuzen and Nishijin are Kyoto traditional techniques of making Kimono. Costume is renewed every year, so it is a valuable exhibition.
Gift shop
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Gift shop
A gift shop is next to the customer seats and offers bags, small cloth pouches, wallets or original items which are made with the textiles used for the Miyako dance costume. You may be able to find the limited items that you can purchase in this shop only. Especially, items which are made with clothes actually used by Maiko are popular. The reason of popularity is that it is the only design, in the other word, the same pattern doesn't not exist.
Manner & Tips
- Manner & Tips -
Drinking, eating and taking videos are prohibited in the venue
4.2 experience4.5 access4.0 photogenic4.0
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
4.2 experience4.5 access4.0 photogenic4.0
Miyako dance has been maintaining the same style since it had begun and has really long history. The appearance of venue is also historical. You can feel some Japanese traditional culture in one place. In addition to that, the performance is only 1 hour, so it is good for busy visitors. If you arrive early, please walk around the beautiful gardens. You may enjoy cherry blossom trees.
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Miyako dance / 都をどり
Phone + 81 75-541-3391
Address 570-2 Gion machi minamigawa Higashiyama ku, Kyoto city
Directions 8 minutes by walk Gion bus stop on Kyoto city bus route 206, from Kyoto station
Event time First 12:30 ~ Second 2 pm~ Third 3:30 pm~ Fourth 4:50 pm~
Cancellations No
Notes Saturdays and Sundays, especially cherry blossoms season may be crowded
Price range
*Executive seats with Matcha & confection 4,800 yen *First class seats 4,200 yen *Second class seats 2,500 yen
Credit cards Not accepted (Accepted on the website reservation system)
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
You can enjoy not only the performance but also some Japanese cultures like a traditional building, costume or Matcha in one place. And it has been performed 4 times every day on April, so you can get an opportunity to visit Miyako dance easily !
Information English
Lanuages spoken A small number of English speaking staffs are available
Other Offering the earphone guide service for 500 yen (1000 yen is required as a deposit). Story, costume, tool, confection and the meanings of dance are explained.
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