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Momiji Leaf Tunnel Illumination

PeriodNovember 3th - 25th, 2018
Dreamy illuminated tunnel of autumn maple leaves along Eizan Railway
If in Kyoto in autumn, you cannot miss Momiji (maple leaves) viewing. The entire city finds itself awash in deep red and gold at the end of November. A standard way of enjoying Momiji in Kyoto is visiting temples and shrines to view autumn leaves as a backdrop of these historical monuments. On the other hand, there are various ways of seeing autumn leaves that can be experienced in Kyoto. Eizan Railway runs a short railway from Demachiyanagi Station up to the towns of Kibune and Kurama, located north and deep in the heart of Kyoto. The railway has an archway named Momiji Leaf Tunnel, stretching between Ichihara Station and Ninose Station and both sides of the track are covered by maple leaves. During the fall foliage season, Momiji Leaf Tunnel is specially lit up with spotlights and passengers can see mystical maple leaves from train windows. About 280 maple trees on both sides of the track overlapping one another in a dark night provides a magnificent panorama that can only be enjoyed in this event. A number of passengers take a ride to witness this admired illumination during the event month.
The light up of Momiji Leaf Tunnel
The light up of Momiji Leaf Tunnel
The train slows down and the interior lights are turned off for two minutes when passing through the tunnel to please passengers with a spectacular view. While Momiji Leaf Tunnel can be enjoyed during daytime with sunshine filtering through the foliage, viewing an archway of bright leaves lit up in darkness will give you unforgettable memories.
The Kirara trains with wide views
The Kirara trains with wide views
Along with their regular lines, Eizan Railway runs trains named Kirara, specially designed to provide wider views for passengers. The Kirara trains’ car windows are stretched up to the ceilings and passengers can enjoy excellent views through the wide glass. They also feature sideways-facing sofa seats in the central cars, lending a treasure to appreciate the beauty of the autumn blaze in a relaxed mood.
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Visit and see Kibune Momiji Toro
The Momiji Leaf Tunnel Illumination is organized as part of Kibune’s autumn illumination event called Kibune Momiji Toro in which an array of maple leaves are gorgeously illuminated in and around Kifune Shrine. Visit the Kibune town after taking a ride and viewing maple leaves from train windows. It will also be amazing to walk underneath autumnal maple trees at night.
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This tunnel illumination is an event that is held during the autumn leaves season. If you get a seat on "Kirara" you can enjoy this event even more! Eizan Electric Railway's trains stop at many sightseeing spots like Kibune, Kurama, and Ichijo-ji, so you can enjoy sightseeing and the illuminated autumn leaves at the same time.
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The autumn leaves tunnel the Eizan Electric Railway's Kirara goes through was so pretty! Eizan Railway's Kirara is a train with seats facing the windows, and even the windows are bigger than normal.
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Momiji Leaf Tunnel Illumination
Phone For more information, please call Eizan Railway at +81 75-702-8111(Japanese language inquiries only).
Address Eizan Railway Demachiyamagi Station
Directions Demachiyanagi Station is the terminus for and connects to the Keihan and Eizan lines. To travel from the city center, take Keihan Railway bound for Sanjo and change trains at Demachiyanagi Station.
Event time Momiji Leaf Tunnel is lit up from sunset to around 9:00 pm during the event days.
Notes For the operating schedule of the Kirara trains, please contact Eizan Railway at +81 75-781-5121. Since Japanese language inquiries are only accepted, you are advised to ask Your hotel concierge desk for help.
Price range
Train fare to Kurama Station through the Momoji Leaf Tunnel from Demachiyamagi Station is 420 yen both for the regular trains and Kirara trains.
Credit cards Not accepted
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Trains can be very crowded during the event period, but worthwhile experience for foreign visitors!
Information Japanese only
Lanuages spoken Japanese only
Other The areas around the Kibune and Kurama towns have a cold temperature compared to the center of Kyoto during the Momiji viewing period. Please keep yourself warm with outer clothes during the nighttime illumination at the end of November.
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