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Randen Night Train

- 嵐電夜桜電車 -
PeriodNight Illumination: April 5th - 7th, 2019 *Date changes yearly according to the blooming period of the blossoms.
Ride the Randen Night Train during cherry blossom season
There is a wonderful perk when riding the Randen train during cherry blossom season. In between Narutaki Station and Utano Station, cherry blossom trees line the tracks on each side creating a tunnel-like path of cherry blossoms. We recommend you plan a destination in which Randen train can be used as transportation. Places like Ninna-ji Temple and Ryoan-ji Temple are accessible by Randen Kitano Line which the cherry blossom tunnel is located. The other line, Arashiyama-Line, will lead you to Arashiyama from Shijo Omiya. Plan your trip accordingly, and we hope that you use our information as reference.
Sakura Tunnel
Sakura Tunnel
There are two lines in which Randen train runs. The two lines, Arashiyama-Line and Kitano-Line, connect at Katabiranotsuji Station. Take the Kitano Line in order to pass through the cherry blossom tunnel. The date of full bloom changes yearly, but usually occurs around April 10th. The scenery is enjoyable during both daytime and nighttime.
Night Illumination
Night Illumination
During late March to early April, cherry blossom trees will be illuminated from 6:00pm to 8:30pm. In addition to the light-up, the train will also slow down through the cherry blossom tunnel for riders to fully enjoy the scene.
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Picture Taking
Don’t miss your opportunity for some cherry blossom pictures! Prepare you camera to take some pictures of cherry blossoms and scenery of Kyoto as you ride on the train.
Manner & Tips
- Manner & Tips -
Plan your destination such as Ninna-ji Temple and ride the Randen Train there. Here is a suggested example route for riding the train. How about visiting Ninna-ji Temple from Kyoto station? We recommend getting on the JR train and get off at JR Uzumasa Station. Then, get on Randen Train Kitano Line at Satsueisho-mae Station, a new station located about 250 meters away from JR Uzumasa Station. Get off at Omuro Ninna-ji Station which is located right by Nina-ji Temple. On the way to Omuro Ninna-ji Station, you will pass by the cherry blossom tunnel during your train ride. Randen Train runs every day from 6am to 12am.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
4.0 experience4.0 access3.5 photogenic4.5
What a great way to enjoy while heading your way to tour the temples! Randen is a local tram that has been running for over 100 years. There are two lines for Randen. The train is very fun to ride in especially during the cherry blossom seasons. Its extra special because the trees will be lighted up for limited time only while the trees are blossoming. I hope that you will experience the ride during this special season!
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Randen Night Train / 嵐電夜桜電車
Phone +81 75-801-2512 (Keifuku Electric Railroad)
Address Saga, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
Directions Between Narutaki and Utano Stations on the Keifuku Electric Railroad (Arashiyama Electric Tram Railway) Kitano Line.
Event time Night illumination: 6:30pm to 8:30pm. (According to the train schedule)
Cancellations ---
Notes Randen is also known as Keifuku Electric Railroad. The schedule for the night illumination varies yearly. It is scheduled for late March to early April.
Price range
Adults: 210 yen (one-way flat rate) Elementary and junior high school students: 110 yen (one-way flat rate)
Credit cards Not accepted
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Fun train ride for everyone
Information Japanese
Lanuages spoken Japanese
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