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Saigu Gyoretsu Procession

- 斎宮行列 -
PeriodOctober 20th, 2019
VenueNonomiya Shrine
Elegant and luxurious long procession held in Arashiyama
Nonomiya Shrine was used to be a place where Saio, an unmarried princess, purified herself before heading to Ise Jingu Shrine which is known as the oldest shrine in Japan to serve the God and emperors. Located in Sagano where is popular for Arashiyama and the bamboo grove, Nonomiya Shrine has been a sacred place with Kuroki Torii which is the oldest style of torii gate in Japan and Koshiba-gaki which is a low fence made by small branches. Its beauty and sanctity were depicted in The Tale of Genji which is a classic work of Japanese literature written by a noblewoman Murasaki Shikibu in the early years of the 11th century in Heian Period in Japan. Nonomiya Shrine has been receiving reverence from all over Japan as the deity of marriage and pregnancy. Saigu Gyoretsu Procession consists of about 100 people who wear gorgeous and luxurious clothes to recreate the scene of “Saio Gunko” which was a long trip to Ise from Kyoto with hundreds of attendants. It is said that it took about 5-6 days to get to Ise by stopping by 6 temporary shrines. Please also enjoy the ancient court music offered in this procession!
The procession of Saio
The procession of Saio
Saio is an unmarried princess who was sent to Ise Jingu Shrine as Mitsueshiro who serves the God and emperors. This custom was already established in Asuka Period (about 592-710) and it is said that 64 princesses were sent to serve for the emperors for 660 years. This procession recreates the trip that Saio headed to Ise with the long procession. Please enjoy the gorgeous and luxurious processions!
It is a purification ceremony that Saio and ladies who serve for Saio purify themselves by soaking their hands in the river. Please check out the beautiful clothes that ladies wear and their elegant movements in the purification ceremony.
Let’s join the procession!
3Let's join!
Let’s join the procession!
In Japan, it is somewhat difficult to join the festival processions if you are just a outside visitor. However, you can join the procession in Saigu Gyoretsu Procession (the fee will be charged). As the staff will do your make up and dress you up properly, please feel free to join it to make a wonderful memory! Please note that you need to apply first by mail if you would like to join by 27th August.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
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This procession will be taken place in Arashiyama where is very popular among not only Japanese visitors but also for foreign guests. When I joined this event, I was amazed by the gorgeous clothes that the participants of the procession wore and the very long procession that consists of about 100 people! I still remember that Saio was elegant and gorgeous. As you can actually join the procession, it may be a great opportunity to make the special memories in Kyoto! Please also enjoy Arashiyama before and after the procession.
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Saigu Gyoretsu Procession / 斎宮行列
Phone +81 75-871-1972
Address 1 Saganomiyamachi, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
Directions 【From Kyoto Station】 Take JR Sagano Line and get off at Arashiyama Station. It takes about 10 minutes from Arashiyama Station on foot.
Event time The procession will depart Nonomiya Shrine around noon and they will parade in procession from Arashiyama Station through Togetsukyo Bridge via Tenryu-ji Temple. The procession will arrive at the Arashiyama boat boarding area around 1:30pm. Onmisogi-no-gi, the purification ceremony will be held at 2pm and then the ancient court music will be offered accordingly.
Cancellations Photo sessions will be held indoors in case of rain.
Price range
*If you would like to join the procession, it will be charged as below. A lady of a court ¥30,000 A public servant ¥30,000 A public servant riding on a horse ¥200,000 Elementary school children ¥20,000 A child taking part in a festive procession ¥5,000 ※ A half amount of the procession participation fee will be refunded in case of rain.
Credit cards Not accepted (postal transfer only)
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Even if you don’t understand Japanese, you will surely enjoy the beautiful long procession without any language ability! English website is available.
Information English and Japanese official website is available
Lanuages spoken Japanese only
URL1 http://www.nonomiya.com/eng.html
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