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Setsubun Festival

- 節分祭 -
PeriodFebruary 2nd - February 4th, every year
VenueYoshida Shrine
Throwing beans for expelling out devil and taking in good fortune
Setsubun means the turning point of the season. In other words, setsubun is the last day of winter and first day of spring. People visit temples or shrines to pray for this year's health and safety and throw beans to get rid of devil. Beans have a meaning of peace, that is why beans are used for setsubun events. Setsubun events will be held at Yoshida Shrine from February 2nd to 4th. It has been continued since the 14th century and became the big festival that several hundreds or thousand people are coming from all over Japan. Good fortune beans, amulet and woody holy stick are served to people who visit to Yoshida shrine during that time. ▼Click here for Writer's Blog
Ekijin means the god who brings disasters. This is the event for quelling Ekijin without the outbreak of his rebellion. It's necessary to face to the outside the gate in order to expel out Elijin.
Tuina-ceremony will be held at the main hall on 6pm, February 2th. Usually it is called "oniyarai" and one of the rare event because it has not changed the method since a long time ago. Hososhi (demon who bring us happiness) are walking the stage and finally pray happiness and safety life to people who visit to shrine with bow.
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Yaku-duka, mould with a sacred straw rope, is appeared during the setsubun festival. Worshipers pay the beans wrapped in paper on the shrine and tough the Yaku-duka to pray this year's happiness. The paper wrapping beans has their name and age.
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The most famous Setsubun festival in Kyoto is Yoshida Shrine's! This festival is so famous many people think this way. The festival is really big, and there are really many food stalls. The demon exorcism ritual held at 6 p.m. is especially famous, and the demons roam around the shrine and scare people, so this a chance to meet some scary demons! The festival is really famous so it's crowded, but I recommend you go to Yoshida at least once.
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Where should I start? This festival really blew my preconceptions about Setsubun away. It might be because the festival is held at night when it(s dark, or maybe because there is horn-blowing and torches before the demons appear, but the demosn were actually scary when they just went berserk. This is a festival I want to join again next year.
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Setsubun Festival / 節分祭
Phone +81 75-771-3788
Address 30, Yoshida Kaguraokacho, Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 606-8311
Directions 20-minute walk from Keihan Line Demachiyanagi Stn.(Exit 2) 5-minute walk from city bus Kyodai-seimonmae stop getting off.
Event time 2/2 8am Setsubun zenjitsu festival (Pre-event for setsubun festival) 9am Ekijin festival 6pm Tsuina-ceremony 2/3 8am Setsubun festival 11pm Karo festival 2/4 9am Setsubun gozitsu festival ( After event for setsubun festival) 1pm Fukumame chusenkai (rotary event for fukumame)
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