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Weeping plums and camellia festival

- しだれ梅と椿まつり -
PeriodFebruary 18th to March 22th, 2019
VenueJonangu shrine
Various weeping plums and camellias bring the coming of spring
Weeping plums and camellia festival is held from February 18th to March 22th in Jonangu shrine which is located south of Kyoto. Traditional Jonangu shrine was constructed for keeping a peace of Japan, when the capital was relocated to Kyoto (794). Jonangu shrine is worshiped for the successful completion of moving and construction as well as a good physiognomy of houses. Zinen (the place where is a garden and a precinct) is really popular as a healing garden, where we can enjoy weeping plums, camellias, cherry blossoms, wisterias, azaleas and maple leaves throughout the year. The 150 weeping plums whose colors are weak pink or white bring to us spring atmosphere during weeping plums and camellia festival at the Spring mountain where, which is located in the west of the shrine. Please enjoy a color variation of early and late plums.
Weeping plums
Weeping plums
Searching plums Please enjoy middle-bloomed plums while looking for the coming of spring. The early plums have a strong color and lively blooming compared with full or late plums. Full plums You can enjoy 150 full-blown plums. It is a surely magnificent scenery. You can’t help stopping in front of these plums. Missing plums Please wait for the cherry blossom season while missing scattered plums. The signature point in this period is a plum carpet which is made with scattered petals. You can see it when plums begin to fall. It is a big different charm compared with a full-blown period.
The 300 pieces of camellias bloom bit by bit from the gate of Zinen to Heian garden. ‘Hatsuarashi’ which begins to bloom at the middle of December. ‘Akebono’, which is a big and pink color camellia and cute scarlet ‘Jonan camellia’ and other kinds of camellias satisfy us. Please find out your favorite camellias among the various camellias.
Let's taste Matcha in Rakusuiken
3Let's join!
Let's taste Matcha in Rakusuiken
Rakusuiken is a tea room located between Muromachi garden and Momoyama garden offering Matcha and a tea confection by a shrine maiden. Please enjoy the landscape of the beautiful garden while tasting flower-shaped cute tea confections and Matcha. (Matcha is 300 yen)
Let's see a dance  by shrine maiden
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Let's see a dance by shrine maiden
You can see the inside of the precinct. A shrine maiden who is wearing a crown with a plum performs a dance to pray for a god. It had been started from February 12th (the starting day was changed due to warm weather). Kagura(Shinto music and dance numbers) is performed at 10 am on weekdays, and 10 am and 3 pm on weekends during the weeping plum and camellia festival. Plum amulets are sold at 1000 yen, and flower amulets which is effective for a beauty, health and happiness are also sold. The shrine maiden perform a purification ceremony for those who buy a flower amulet to calm the mad spirits.
Manner & Tips
- Manner & Tips -
Please see the following prohibitions in order to enjoy beautiful flowers with comfortable atmosphere. * Eating and drinking in the prohibited place * Using a tripod, a monopod, a stepladder and a selfish bar is prohibited when you take photos * Sketching while sitting * Please use the carry bag for your pet. (It is prohibited to bring the carry bag which includes your pet into the tea room and Jinen (The place of main hall) * It will be prohibited to bring your pet except guide dogs from April 1st.  
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
4.0 experience4.0 access3.5 photogenic4.5
Jonangu's Shin'en Garden is enveloped in the sweet fragrance of plum blossoms when the best time to see them comes around. The highlight of the garden is when the 150 plum trees are in full bloom. The contrast between the green moss on the ground and the petals of the plum blossoms and camellia flowers that have dropped to the ground is stunningly beautiful. Jonangu is a bit far, but I think it's well worth going to. "
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Viet Nam
4.2 experience4.5 access3.5 photogenic4.5
Weeping plums and camellia festival / しだれ梅と椿まつり
Phone +81 75-623-0846
Address 7 Nakajima toba rikyu-cho, Kyoto city
Directions 2 minutes by walk from Jonangu bus stop by Kyoto city bus route 19
Event time 9 am ~ 4:30 pm ( Tickets sold until 4 pm)
Cancellations No
Price range
600 yen for adults
Credit cards Not accepted
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
There are not only weeping plums or camellias but also a tea room which offers a Matcha. You may enjoy a lot of popular Japanese culture in one place
Information Japanese only
Lanuages spoken Japanese only
Other Visitors are fewer in the early blooming period, so you can enjoy with relaxation. A great day to visit in the late blooming period is the next day of a strong wind or rain. Because, a lots of plum petals are fallen and these petals may make a beautiful plum petals carpet.
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