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Popular Yasurai Festival

- やすらい祭 -
PeriodThe second Sunday of April, every year
VenueImamiya Shrine
Yasurai dance with flower umbrellas brings you health and happiness
Yasurai festival is held on the second Sunday of April at Imamiya shrine every year. Yasurai Festival is designated as an Intangible Cultural Asset of Japan, and it’s also often mentioned as one of the three weirdest festivals in Kyoto, the others being Kurama Fire Festival and Uzumasa Bull Festival. There are many sayings about the festival, and one of the most famous is the belief that if you go under the big flower umbrellas used in the parade, you will stay healthy all year. The shrine itself was founded to calm evil spirits and to this day, it is believed that by visiting this shrine you are protected from such bad influences.
Flower umbrellas which are decorated with cherry blossoms or camellias and red or black haired demons make their way to Imiyamiya Shrine on the parade while shouting “Yasurai no hana ya” which means “The flower of Yasurai” in Japanese.
Yasurai Dance
Yasurai Dance
Ueno yasurai and Kawakami yasurai, (they have different origins) arrive at Imamiya shrine around 3 p.m. And, after they go around the main hall, the Yasurai dance is performed by demons. They are violently but also slowly making a dance in front of the cherry blossoms. It is interesting to compare with the difference of each Yasurai dance characteristics.
Let's share the umbrella
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Let's share the umbrella
Flower umbrella is also called ‘Elegant umbrella. The size of the umbrella size is around 70 inches and it is decorated with cherries, camellias, Yamabuki (Japanese roses), willows, and young pines. It is said that you can get rid of your bad spirits in this year by sharing the umbrella.
Yasurai dolls
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Yasurai dolls
You can buy a Yasurai doll for 300 yen at the shrine. The doll is said to work for ailments for you and your family, and it works by writing the name, address, age, and sex of the person you’re praying for on it. You leave the doll itself to be burnt at the shrine, but take the slip in the middle with calligraphic writing on it back with you. Then you need to hang this slip close to the door of your house, but it needs to be hung higher than your eye level.
Manner & Tips
- Manner & Tips -
Please be cautious of the space and people around you as you may be observing in a crowded area. Please enjoy sharing the flower umbrella while being cautious of the safety of yourself and the others.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
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At first, you should pay attention to the performance, there’s a lot of power in it. The vivid red colors of their costumes and the uniqueness of it all will make your jaw drop in awe. You can also watch the parade outside the shrine if the shrine grounds get too crowded.
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Yasurai Festival / やすらい祭
Phone +81 - 75 - 491 - 0082
Address 21 Murasakino imamiyacho kita-ku, Kyoto city
Directions Imamiya shrine mae bus stop on kyoto city bus route 46
Event time *Parade : 12pm~ *Yasurai Dance at Imamiya shrine : around 3pm~
Cancellations Parade will be cancelled in the case of rain, Yasurai dance at Yasurai shrine is held even in case of rain.
Notes You can see the parade from any area around Imamiya Shrine, especially an orderly-lined can be seen in front of the aburi mochi shop and the road approaching the shrine from the east gate of Imamiya shrine.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Parade and dance are pretty exciting, you can be shared with Japanese energy just by looking it.
Information Japanese only
Lanuages spoken Japanese only
URL1 http://www.kyoto-jinjacho.or.jp/shrine/03/019/#5
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