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Nijo Castle Art Aquarium

- 二条城アートアクアリウム -
PeriodOctober 25 to December 10, 2017 *The opening hours are subject to change on the first day of the event (October 25)
VenuePrevious residence of the shoguns, Nijo Castle
Art Aquarium is a magical illumination event at the World Heritage Site Nijo Castle
Art Aquarium is a new style of art that has been gaining attention from all over the world. This modern art style uses LED lights to illuminate the vivid aquatic fauna and flora in a gorgeous way. And there is an art aquarium event at Kyoto’s Nijo Castle. There are art aquarium events in Tokyo and have been in Osaka and Kanazawa, but the one in Kyoto is held outdoors and is the biggest one thus far. There are all kinds of art aquarium artworks for you to see, from traditional Japanese ones which use goldfishes and carps to kimonos used as a part of an aquarium artwork. How would you like to see these beautiful, captivating goldfish artwork at Nijo Castle, which used to be the residence of the shoguns of the Tokugawa clan.
Many magical artworks
Many magical artworks
All of the beautiful artworks which take the Japanese concept of “wa” to a wholly new level are all magical. There are big ones, and there are small ones like the ones with the cute goldfishes, so you can get into the worldview of Art Aquarium.
This is the first time you can get to see the biggest art aquarium artwork thus far, Cho-Oiran, in Kyoto. Inside the bowl you can see the elegant sight of 3000 goldfishes swimming together.
Enjoy sake from Kyoto and Japanese sweets at a tea room
3Let's join!
Enjoy sake from Kyoto and Japanese sweets at a tea room
The normally not open to the public Daidokoromae-niwa, the garden in front of the kitchen, during the event becomes two things, first a “Night Festival Bar” where you can enjoy sake from Kyoto and second, a traditional tea room style seating area where you can enjoy Japanese tea and sweets from established sweets shops.
Manner & Tips
- Manner & Tips -

You can take pictures of the artworks, but usage of tripods, monopods, selfie sticks, and also video recording is forbidden. 

*Also note that the artworks used in the pictures of this article may not always be exhibited at the event.

4.3 experience4.0 access4.0 photogenic5.0
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
4.3 experience4.0 access4.0 photogenic5.0
This gorgeous and magical event takes place at night at Nijo Castle! This is a great event for couples, families; a great event to go with the people you care about the most. Autumn in Kyoto, of course, means autumn leaves, but how about you go see a different kind of artful event?
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Nijo Castle Art Aquarium / 二条城アートアクアリウム
Phone +81 50-5542-8600 *Only open for the period of October 1 to December 10 (Opening times: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.)
Address 541 Nijojo-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8301
Directions From JR Kyoto Station: Take the subway Karasuma line to Karasuma Oike Station and change to subway Tozai line and get off at Nijojo-mae Station.
Event time 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. (You have to enter by 9:30 p.m.)
Cancellations Not canceled in case of rain.
Price range
Front gate tickets (prices include taxes): Adults, middle school students and older: 1,500 yen, children (over 4 and elementary school students): 1,000 yen, under four years old get in for free. Tickets in advance: Tickets can be purchased in advance using the ticket machine at 7-Eleven convenience stores. They have many types of tickets such as early bird tickets that can be purchased for a little bit cheaper price. Check the latest information on the event’s website.
Credit cards Accepted.
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Nijo Castle is a famous sightseeing spot with easy access. This event can be enjoyed without having to worry about the language barrier.
Information Japanese and English.
Lanuages spoken Japanese and English.
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