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- 千總ギャラリー 「日本を寿ぐ」展 -
PeriodApril 27 - June 23, 2019
VenueChiso Gallery
Japanese Engimono good luck charms and designs for Japanese celebrations
The Chiso Gallery was established as a location for the long-standing Kimono maker Chisho—an over 400-year old dealer of the finest Kyo-yuzen Kimono—to exhibit the different art, and dyed and woven textiles they have collected over the years. The exhibition currently on at the gallery is called “DESIGNS FOR JAPANESE CELEBRATION.” Japanese people have long prayed for happiness and placed significance on the sound of peoples’ names and the nature of the Japanese fauna and flora, believing that they are connected to good fortune and prosperity. However, this may only be something that is born out of the sensitivities of the Japanese people, who have for so long lived with—and paid such close attention to the beauty of—the forever changing faces of the seasons. However, it is precisely this sensibility that has lead to those faunae and flora of Japan becoming the subject of so many Japanese paintings, designs, and decorations. This exhibit focuses on the pieces of Chiso’s collection, which are embedded with such hopes, elation, and well wishes for the said nature of Japan. The exhibit also looks at how Japanese people would have celebrated special occasions as well, so through the beautiful kimono and paintings on display, you can get an in-depth look into the different celebrations of Japan.
Kimono and Paintings
Kimono and Paintings
As mentioned above, each kimono and painting displayed at this exhibit share the theme of and feature designs related to “good fortune.” In addition, each piece exhibit piece is accompanied by an explanation next to it, which outlines the specific good fortune related design that it features. Although the explanations are sadly entirely in Japanese, the pictures included in each explanation help you work out the specific design in the piece that is related to good fortune. Also, if you find yourself wondering about the origin of said design, you can always look up about the animal or plants used in the piece afterward.
The History of Chiso
The History of Chiso
Just in front of the exhibit hall is a room that contains a large panel. This panel tells the story of Chiso’s history going back to its establishment. Even if you can’t read Japanese it’s an interesting look as when you run your eyes over each section of the panel, you begin to get a deeper understanding of not only Chiso, but how the times have changed as well. When you visit the Chiso Gallery, also keep an eye out for how this over 400-year old textile maker has transitioned and changed.
Manner & Tips
- Manner & Tips -

Please refrain from taking pictures

Please refrain from eating or drinking (including candies and gum) in the gallery

Please do not run inside the gallery

Please do not touch any of the display cases

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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
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Even if you’re living in Japan, you usually do not have all that many opportunities to see kimono of really outstanding quality. Not only that, you hardly ever get opportunities to learn about the designs and history of the kimono as well. At this exhibition, not only do you get the chance to see some of the highest quality kimono from the long-standing Kyo-yuzen Kimono maker Chiso’s collection, but you also get to learn about the culture and history of the kimono as well. Above I mentioned that this exhibit focuses on designs that are to do with celebrations, but when you know this about the exhibition in advance, it makes it even more interesting as it allows you to view the kimono from a whole new perspective. Each and every one of the kimono at this exhibit are incredibly beautiful and its fun just looking at them. I definitely recommend this to anyone with an interest in Japanese history and culture!
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This exhibition was surprisingly very interesting. I'm not usually one to fawn over kimono, but the deep history of each kimono and detailed explanations outlining the significance of each design, made this exhibit incredibly intriguing. I would definitely recommend anyone with an interest in kimono or Japanese fashion history to check out this exhibit while they can.
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Chiso Gallery – “DESIGNS FOR JAPANESE CELEBRATION” Exhibit / 千總ギャラリー 「日本を寿ぐ」展
Phone +81 75-221-3133 (SOHYA TAS)
Address Eng: 80 Mikuracho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-8166, Japan Jpn: 京都市中京区三条通烏丸西入御倉町80番地 千總本社ビル2階
Directions 3 Minute Walk from the Subway “Karasuma Oike” Staton 7 Minute Walk from the Hankyu “Karasuma” Station Located on the second floor of the Chiso Building and can be accessed through “SOHYA TAS” on the first floor.
Event time 11:00 ~ 17:00
Cancellations Wednesdays *The gallery may close due to the changing of exhibitions or special reservations
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Pamphlets and notice boards are in English
Information Some areas contain English
Lanuages spoken Simple English
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