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Fushimi Manto Nagashi

- 伏見万灯流し -
PeriodAugust 10th, 2019
Visionary scenery made of colorful lanterns into the river with prayers
Fushimi Manto Nagashi is a lantern event held in the beginning of August and known as summer tradition of Kyoto Fushimi. This event is taken place to quell the souls of the dead who lost their lives in the battle happened 150 years ago in Kyoto (this battle is called “the battle of Toba and Fushimi”). Nowadays, the prayers for ancestors, good health and safety of the families are put in this event. In this holy event, people will send the lanterns into the river and the colorful and visionary lights surely make you feel calm and peaceful by watching them flowing slowly in the darkness. Since you can send the lanterns into the river by yourself for ¥1,000, it may be a great opportunity to join this event in the calm evening while remembering your ancestors. You can purchase the lanterns in several places in the venue in Fushimi. Although Fushimi Manto Nagashi is taken place towards nightfall, visitors start to gather in the afternoon to enjoy Fushimi area as it is famous for Japanese Sake breweries, Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine (a shrine famous for tons of Torii gates), old buildings of Japanese architecture and more!
Sending lanterns into the river
Sending lanterns into the river
In the evening after the purification ceremony, lots of lanterns will be sent to the river slowly along the streamflow. You can watch them both from the bridge over the river and the riverside where you can be closer to the lanterns. It is advised that you bring an insect repellent as there are many mosquitos around the river!
Nighttime illumination around Brewery Street
Nighttime illumination around Brewery Street
In summer, there is a beautiful lantern illumination in Fushimi Brewery Street. Fushimi is famous as a town of Japanese Sake and there are lots of long-established breweries. This historical street will be beautifully illuminated by electric lanterns. We recommend that you take a walk around this area after the Fushimi Manto Nagashi event! The nighttime illumination lasts about a month, so please enjoy the visionary lights there!
Kizakura Brewery
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Kizakura Brewery
Located in Fushimi Brewery Street, this Japanese-style bar used to be a Sake brewery. You can enjoy the local fresh beer and Sake made and only available in Fushimi in this Japanese-style bar. A memorial hall is set up next to this bar and you can buy the local beer as a souvenir that you can buy only in this place. As it is very crowded due to its popularity, we suggest that you make a reservation before you visit there! This is such a wonderful place for Sake and beer lovers!
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Fushimi Manto Nagashi event is held in the visionary atmosphere. It is somehow pensive but enjoyable by looking at the lanterns flowing through the river. About 1000 lanterns are sent into the river and some people send their own lanterns. There are many events and festivals in Kyoto which are very popular and crowded while there are the ones like Fushimi Manto Nagashi that local people quietly join. Please enjoy the calm and sacred atmosphere in this event.
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Fushimi Manto Nagashi / 伏見万灯流し
Phone +81 75-622-8758
Address Minamihama-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 612-8045
Directions 【From Kyoto Station】 Take Kintetsu Kyoto Line from Kyoto Station and get off at Kintetsu Tanbabashi Station. Change the line to Keihan Line (about 5-minute walk between Kintetsu Tanbabashi Station and Tanbabashi Station) and get off at Chushojima Station. It takes about 5-minute walk to the event venue.
Event time 6:30pm~8pm
Cancellations Canceled in case of rain
Price range
¥1,000 if you buy your own lantern
Credit cards Not accepted
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
As it has an impression that this event is for local people, majority of the visitors are locals. The event itself is not too lively but you may enjoy the sacred atmosphere. As there are many Sake breweries in Fushimi, it is great opportunity to drop by this event!
Information Japanese only
Lanuages spoken Japanese only
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