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Joya-no-kane (Bell Ringing on New Year’s Eve)

- 除夜の鐘 -
Period31st December, every year
Bell rings 108 times, Kyoto’s most famous New Year’s event
On December 31st, New Year’s Eve, the annual Joya no Kane event is held at temples in Japan. At this event, temple bells will be tolled 108 times—starting on the 31st and continuing over the course of an entire day. The number 108 represents the number of earthly desires that afflict and pain the human heart, and it is said that these earthly desires vanish one after another upon hearing each the Joya no Kane’s event’s 108 rings. By doing so, we will be purified as we start the new year. As it home to many temples, many places in Kyoto hold Joya no Kane events. However, the most famous one is held at Chion-in. At Chion-in, 17 monks can be seen working together to ring a massive, three-meter tall bell. As many visitors show up on the day to catch a glimpse of the powerful bell ringers, Joya no Kane could even be considered a winter attraction in Kyoto. We highly recommend starting a refreshing new year with the sound of low ringing bells.
Daibonsho bell
Daibonsho bell (great temple bell)
Chion-in’s temple bell is over three-meters tall, weighs in at approximately 70 tons, and is famous for its enormous size. Alongside Todaiji temple in Nara and Houkouji temple in Kyoto, it is known as one of Japan’s three great temple bells, and has been registered as an important cultural property. It is surprising that this large bell is rung 108 times in one minute intervals.
Unique bell ringing method
Unique bell ringing method
As the Daibonsho bell is massive, 17 monks work as one to ring the bell one time after another. First, the other 16 monks take hold of a thick rope called oyazuna, and pull the wooden bell hammer in time with the call of the ringer. Afterwards, as illustrated in the picture, dangling from the wooden bell hammer, the bell ringer uses their whole body to toll the bell. This bell ringing method is unique to Chion-in.
Practice rings
3Let's join!
Practice rings
On December 27th, practice rings just like an actual day, start at 2pm. Because the bell ringing method is unusual and difficult, the rehearsals are a must. You can see it as these rehearsal rings are open to the public. Get purified of worldly desires little earlier.
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To the people of Japan are very well acquainted with the Joya no Kane event and bells are rung throughout Japan on December 31st. Among them, the acrobatic bell ringing technique of Chion-in’s Joya no Kane is remarkable, and unforgettable once you see it! If you have the chance to spend New Year’s in Kyoto, I highly recommend going to see this event. Also, please make sure to wear warm clothing, as the day of the event is middle of winter!
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Joya-no-kane (Bell Ringing on New Year’s Eve) / 除夜の鐘
Phone +81 75-531-2111
Address 400 Rinka-cho, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto, 605-8686
Directions <From Kyoto Station> ・Take the Kyoto City Bus (Route 206) and get off at the “Chion-in Mae” bus stop. From the bus stop, it is a five minute walk to Chion-in. ・Take the subway Karasuma Line (transfer to the Tōzai Line at Karasuma Ōike Station and get off at Higashiyama Station. From the station, it is a five minute walk.
Event time From 8pm to 0:20am (the bell starts to ring at 22:40)
Cancellations Rain or Shine
Notes ・The Chion-in bell cannot be rung by visitors. ・You may have to wait one to two hours in line to reach the bell, as it will be super crowded. If you surely want to enter, we recommend lining up at 21:00 at the latest. ・The visitor’s path is one-way, so you should make your way home via Maruyama park after visiting Chion-in. ・Some buses and trains run all night on New Year’s Eve.
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Credit cards Not accepted
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Chion-in is close to Yasaka shrine and Maruyama park, and easy to access. However, as it will be overflowing with visitors on the day, you should have enough time for travel.
Information English is available on official homepage
Lanuages spoken Japanese only
URL1 https://www.chion-in.or.jp/en/event/event/642/
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