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Kibune Momiji Toro

- 貴船もみじ灯篭 -
PeriodNovember 3rd-25th, 2018
VenueKibune Area
A Magical Landscape of Illuminated Autumn Leaves and Lanterns in the autumn Kibune
One of the defining characteristics of Kyoto’s autumn season is its foliage. Once autumn comes around, events to admire the autumn leaves start to spring up here and there, and even in the slightly farther afield Kibune, fall foliage events are held. The area around Kibune is full of nature, and right around November, the leaves begin to take on some beautiful colors. In order to show tourists how beautiful the leave are, a light-up event know as “Kibune Momiji Toro” is held in November. Lanterns line the streets of the restaurant and lodging quarter from the entrance of Kibune, known as “Kibune-guchi”, up to Kifune Shrine, beautifully illuminating all of the leaves and wrapping the surrounding area in a gentle glow. Even inside the grounds of Kifune Shrine, the illuminated autumn leaves and red lanterns interweave, giving rise to a spectacular sight that cannot be seen when visiting in the daytime. In addition, there are many other kinds of fall foliage events, such as viewing the lit up autumn leaves from a pitch black train car while riding along the Eizan Railway that connects Demachiyanagi station and Kibune. ▼Click here for Writer's Blog  
Street of Love : Lighted by gentle glow of Lanterns
Street of Love : Lighted by gentle glow of Lanterns
The road that runs up to Kifune Shrine is in Kibune’s restaurant and lodging quarter. This street was apparently the one that Izumi Shikibu followed when visiting the shrine to pray for love in the past. For that reason, it is known now, in a somewhat romantic sense, as the “Street of Love”. Kifune Shrine is also famous for being the residence of a god of matchmaking, so it is a perfect spot for a date!
Illuminated Kifune main shrine
Illuminated Kifune main shrine
The Kifune main shrine is also beautifully lit up in the same way. The view of the illuminated autumn leaves that paint the spiritual ground, standing out spectacularly along with the main building of the Shrine, is something you will never forget once you see it. A variety of events such as mini live performances and handmade crafts fairs are also held in the spiritual ground on weekends and holidays. Listening to music and doing a bit of shopping beneath the autumn leaves is highly recommended!
“Musubi Mairi” ( To worship at a shrine )
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“Musubi Mairi” ( To worship at a shrine )
If you proceed further into the main shrine, there is the original shrine, that called Okumiya. Okumiya is the premise where Kifune shrine was originally located and considered to be the founding site of the shrine.In the original shrine, not only can you see the lit up foliage, but you can also take part in a “Musubi Mairi”, which is a shrine visit that provides visitors with the benefit of having their dreams come true. Light a small candle* and make a wish before placing it in a special container within the shrine. *Candles can be purchased in the main shrine for 100 yen a piece.
Momiji Leaf Tunnel Illumination
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Momiji Leaf Tunnel Illumination
You can also enjoy the autumn leaves on your way to Kibune if you take the Eizan Electric Railway there. They have a part of the way illuminated, and this illuminated part is called “Momiji Leaf Tunnel Illumination.” If you’re lucky, you can ride in a car with the seats facing the windows called Kirara.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.8 experience4.0 access3.0 photogenic4.5
Thanks to Kibune’s surrounding nature and its distinct four seasons, it has become a really popular spot for tourists. Although it is beautiful in any season, if you happen to be visiting Kyoto in November, we highly recommend that you drop by to check out this event! You really must see the beautiful gradient of red made by the leaves, as well as the mystical Kifune Shrine, gently glowing from the light of the lanterns. Make sure to bring your camera with you as well, because you will most likely run into some amazing scenery that will make you want to stop and take pictures!
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Kibune Momiji Toro / 貴船もみじ灯篭
Phone +81 75-741-4444 (Kibune Tourism Organization) +81 75-741-2016 (Kifune Shrine)
Address Kibune-cho, Kurama, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Directions <From Kyoto Station> Take Kyoto City Bus #17 and get off at Demachiyanagi Station (about 30 minutes). Then take Eizan Electric Railway from Demachiyanagi Station and get off at Kibuneguchi Station (27 minutes). ※To get to Kifune Shrine, it is a 30 walk from Kibune-guchi station. It is also possible to take Kyoto Bus #33.
Event time Sunset ~ 9pm (Until 8:30 PM in the Kibune area)
Price range
Credit cards Not accepted
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Kibune is a popular place among tourists, and many tourists from abroad visit as well. Although our ability to handle foreign languages is not perfect, this is a famous event, so you should be able to attend without any problems. As the latter half of November, an ideal time for seeing autumn leaves, approaches, trains and buses tend to get crowded, so please make sure to give yourself enough time when visiting.
Information Japanese only
Lanuages spoken Japanese only
Kifune main shrine
Kifune shrine Okumiya ( the original shrine )
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