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Murin-an's spring greenery night illumination event

- 無鄰菴新緑ライトアップ -
PeriodApril 27 to 29, 2019
Murin-an’s garden lllumination- Enjoy a walk in a Japanese garden at night
Murin-an is a garden that is part of the villa of the Meiji period politician Yamagata Aritomo. The garden’s central point is the Higashiyama Mountains with a spacious open lawn area, creating a naturalistic scenic view. The garden has also been registered as a National Place of Scenic Beauty. It is especially famous for autumn leaves, but also beautiful in spring when you can see the fresh greenery. During this event, you can enjoy strolling around the garden at night and look at the vivid green of the illuminated trees. Besides the garden, the western-style house, the main Japanese building, and the tea room are also illuminated by atmospheric lighting. You can also enjoy a tour of the garden (Japanese only) or see a different view of the garden from the special seating on the second floor. How about enjoying the beginning of summer by going to see a beautiful garden at night?
Illuminated garden
Illuminated garden
The garden of Murin-an receives the water for its waterfalls and ponds from the Lake Biwa Canal and is unique for its rustic beauty. During daytime, the garden appears bright and spacious, but at night it has a quiet and subtle grace. By walking in the garden you can feel closer to nature.
Main hall and western-style house
Main hall and western-style house
Not only the garden but also the retro-looking western-style house of the Meiji Period, the elegant Japanese tea room and main hall are illuminated. One can enjoy the calm atmosphere of these refined buildings.
Have a unique view of the garden from the special seats on the second floor
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Have a unique view of the garden from the special seats on the second floor
From the special seating on the second floor, you can enjoy a different sight. I would like you to spend a moment here to just enjoy the sounds of the stream going through the garden and the refreshing wind. There is a 400 yen fee to enter the special seating area.
Join a guided tour
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Join a guided tour
Guided tours are offered at night by the garden concierges (Japanese only).
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
4.2 experience4.5 access4.0 photogenic4.0
At Murin-an, one can be close to nature and see the vivid green of the spring and early summer leaves. There are not many illumination events in spring but among them I heartily recommend this one. You don’t need to make a reservation so it is easy to join too!
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Murin-an's spring greenery night illumination event / 無鄰菴新緑ライトアップ
Phone +81 75-771-3909
Address 31, Nanzenji Kusakawacho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City 606-8437
Directions A 7-minute walk from subway Keage station.
Event time From 6:30 to 9:00 p.m., but you have to enter by 8:30 p.m.
Cancellations Rain or shine. The event is canceled only in case an emergency warning for strong winds is issued.
Price range
800 yen
Credit cards -
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Their Website is also in English and Chinese, and you don’t need a reservation so going to the event shouldn’t be difficult. There are many steps in the garden so you should wear walking shoes like sneakers.
Information English and Japanese.
Lanuages spoken Japanese/English/Chinese
URL1 http://murin-an.jp/en/
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