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Umekoji park tedukuri ichi

- 梅小路公園手づくり市 -
Periodfirst Saturdays of every month except January and May
VenueUmekoji park
Flea market offering hand made in environment full of nature
The Umekoji park handmade market is taken place on the first Saturdays every month except January and May at the Umekoji park which is rich in nature. Umekoji park is located 10 minutes by Kyoto city bus from Kyoto station, so access is also good for tourists and local people as well. About 300 shops are exhibited at once and 3000 people are coming here every month. Compared with the hyakumanben handmade market, each store is spacious enough for shoppers to feel remarkably comfortable. So it is good for a family with children. Every place is unique and carries delightful products. If you have an opportunity during your stay in Kyoto, please visit the market.
Handmade Accessories
Handmade Accessories
From earrings to rings, this market has stalls selling any accessory you could want. As all of these accessories are completely handmade, they feature unique and cute designs that you just don’t see on manufactured ones. These stalls are highly recommended to anyone looking for unique and personal accessories.
One of the items Kyoto is most well-known for is this Kiyomizu-yaki pottery. At the Umekoji market, you can find all sorts of handmade and specially painted Kyoto pottery, from cups, rice bowls, and even smaller items to plates and clay pots. Moreover, they are all sold at reasonable prices as well. Pottery with unique color palettes can also be easily found at this market, so how about picking up a few different pieces to brighten up your dining room table?
Bread and Sweets
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Bread and Sweets
The Umekoji Market also features a vast range of stalls selling handmade sweets from your everyday sliced bread to jams, waffles, and even Canelé! This stall, in particular, offers an ample amount of additive-free sweets made with high-quality ingredients, so is one of the markets most popular stores. The Umekoji park is incredibly big, so it’s perfect for grabbing some bread or just something sweet and sitting down for a picnic.
interior and Kitchen Utensils
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interior and Kitchen Utensils
The Umekoji market has plenty to offer in the way of cool things that’ll make cooking even more fun. One of these is this stalls range of natural chopping boards, which are all individually and carefully handcrafted. There are plenty of other cool home interior goods to decorate your home with and make you feel closer to nature.
Manner & Tips
- Manner & Tips -

As the stalls are chosen by ballot each time, the participating stalls and their spot in the market is not set. Therefore, there is a possibility that the stalls we introduced above may not be there. However, that also means that you can get endless joy from the market as there will be a new surprise each time. 

Umekoji Park is also home to the Kyoto Aquarium, the Kyoto Railway Museum and has a massive grass field, so it is a great place to bring children.

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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.8 experience4.0 access3.5 photogenic4.0
This flea market is held in the Umekoji Park on the first Saturday of everyone (excluding January and May); however, this was actually my first time going. There’s a vast range of stalls, from food stalls to Zakka miscellaneous goods stalls, and the walkways are really wide, so everything’s super easy to see. The Kyoto Aquarium is nearby, and the park itself is absolutely massive, meaning that you can comfortably relax and enjoy a picnic. The participating stalls change each month, so every time is a fun and new experience.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
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Umekoji park tedukuri ichi / 梅小路公園手づくり市
Phone -
Address Umekoji Park
Directions Umekoji park mae bus stop on Kyoto City Bus #205 or #208 from Kyoto station
Event time 9am - 4pm
Cancellations No
Price range
Credit cards Depends on shops
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Access is good from Kyoto station, please find out your favorite items
Information Japanese only
Lanuages spoken Japanese only
URL1 http://www.tedukuri-ichi.com/umekoji/
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