Kyoto’s Top 7 Must-Sees

  • 01
    Meet Geisha (maiko or geiko) at Gion
    If you are looking to capture a shot of a Maiko gliding gracefully along charming streets, it’s best to aim for dusk, since this is the time they set out for their workplace. Just be careful not to get in the way of their commute to work!
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  • 02
    Walking Through Bamboo Grove in Arashiyama
    Feel wonderfully relaxed as you walk along this trail of approximately 100m, surrounded by thickly-growing bamboo stretching straight up towards the sky.It could be said that it is here amongst the bamboo grove scenery that Kyoto reveals its true identity.
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  • 03
    Flowery Cherry Blossom Season
    From mid-March to mid-April, you can catch sight of cherry blossom flowers while walking around any part of Kyoto. Spring is the season when Kyoto is at its most brilliantly colorful throughout the whole year.
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  • 04
    Wandering into Mysterious World
    This photogenic power spot is unlike anywhere else in the world. Enjoy feeling as though you have stumbled into another world as you pass through the forest of "torii" gates. Another big attraction is that you can enjoy it at your leisure, for free.
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  • 05
    Kitchen for The Citizens ―Nishiki Market
    This historic market is full of local Kyoto produce, and is visited daily by housewives and professional chefs alike. It’s also fun to walk around eating various snacks, such as takoyaki and soy milk doughnuts.
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  • 06
    Sitting & Relaxing at Japanese Garden
    How about a"karesansui" Japanese garden (using only sand and stone to represent mountains, rivers, and fields) or a walk-around-style garden?If Japanese gardens and "zen" are your thing, please go ahead and visit several to find your favorite place.
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  • 07
    Festivals Tell You Some Histories of Kyoto
    In Kyoto, various festivals and traditional events, both big and small, are held throughout the year.If you plan to visit Kyoto during summer, you simply can’t miss the Gion Festival held in July.
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