Sharing Kyoto Tour

Join us as we discover the magic
of the lesser known side of Kyoto!

What is Sharing Kyoto Tour?

The Sharing Kyoto Tours is a set of mini-tours that the Sharing Kyoto team have put together
to introduce to overseas visitors about our favorite things of the ancient city.

3points of Sharing Kyoto Tour

3points of Sharing Kyoto Tour

Guides with extensive knowledge and experience

Our guides have visited lots of spots in Kyoto. After visiting every place, they expanded their horizons and know-ledges about Kyoto. Follow us, and we'll let you know which you never knew about Kyoto.

3points of Sharing Kyoto Tour

Hole-in-the-wall spots discovered by our media team

Always out gathering new info for articles, our media team has cultivated an in-depth knowledge of local treasures and hole-in-the-wall spots. Our tours will delve into these spots and show you a deeper side of Kyoto.

3points of Sharing Kyoto Tour

All guides are full of love to Kyoto

What we’ll be focusing on most during the Sharing Kyoto Tours is our “Kyoto-ai”, or Love for Kyoto. Through our tours, we also hope to gradually have more visitors fall in love with Kyoto.

※We hold many different tours like Ramen, Shopping, Shrines...etc.


As a precautionary measure against the spread of the novel coronavirus, the Sharing Kyoto tour service has temporarily been suspended.
It is currently undetermined when the service will become available again.


Tour Details & Applications

Teramachi St.
Souvenir Hunting

Visit shops little known to non-locals

This tour is for those fretting over souvenirs and those with somewhere they don't have the confidence to visit alone. We will help you to find the perfect Kyoto souvenir!


Ramen Tour
Locals Ramen Discovery Tour

The chief editor of Sharing Kyoto, a.k.a ramen king, will lead you to the undiscovered ramen world. Looking for a real Kyoto ramen? Then this is the perfect tour for you.


Shimogamo Shrine Tour
Explore a UNESCO Shrine

Wander the historic Shimogamo Shrine with resident Kyoto temple/shrine lover, shrine girl Yumemi.


About Guides


I'm the editor in chief of Sharing Kyoto. I love ramen, and it's about all I eat… nearly 200 bowls a year in fact. In some circles, I'm even known as the Ramen King!


Hi, I'm Sakurako, the translator as well as assistant of the ramen tour. I spent my childhood time in the UK, Oxford, so I will lead you to a great ramen experience by translating ramen king's passion into British English.


I was born and raised in Kyoto around 30 years. I like shopping and walking around town in Kyoto. So I'll take you to good shop where you can buy what you want. Let's enjoy shopping like the locals!


I'm Vanessa from Taiwan. I've lived in Kyoto for the last 6 years, and my favorite thing to do here is wander the city and shop. One of the places I go to most is Teramachi Street, and I think by now, I know it pretty well. Come along and let's get to shopping!


Hi everyone! I'm Yumemi, Sharing Kyoto's resident Shrine Girl. I absolutely adore Kyoto's profoundly historical shrines and temples (mainly shrines), so join me and learn all about the wonders they have in store.


Hi, I'm Shin, the assistant of the Shimogamo tour. While I've lived in Kyoto my entire life, I love traveling and have been to over 30 countries. I hope to make this tour fun and interesting not only as a Kyoto local, but a lover of travel!

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