Membership Agreement

1. Use of this service
The Membership Agreement (“the Agreement”) specify the usage conditions which apply to “Sharing Kyoto Membership” of “Sharing Kyoto” (“the Site”), an information provision service which uses the website provided by agex communications Inc. (“the Company”). Only persons who have agreed to the Agreement and registered (“Members”) may use the services provided to "Sharing Kyoto Membership” (“the Service”).

In order to use the Service, users must agree to the Agreement of Membership and Terms of Service, and must register as Members.
2. Member registration
Users must observe the following when registering as Members. In the event of an infraction of any of the following, or in the event that the Company deems that the data that has been supplied is false or inaccurate, the Company may delete the registration information of the Member, and may bar the person from future use of the Service.
(1) Member registration is performed by the User registering as a Member entering true and accurate data regarding his or herself and sending it to the Company via the Site.
(2) In order to ensure that registration information is always true and accurate, registration information is to be changed whenever changes occur to items included in the data. Members are responsible for safely managing their own password. In the event that an ID or password is stolen, it is to be reported immediately.
(3) When performing member registration, the registration information and any other information provided in conjunction with use of the Service is the property of the Company. The Company may use said information for purposes related to the Service, as well as purposes other than the use of the Service, in accordance with the Agreement and the Company’s Privacy Policy. The Company requires Member consent to disclose information regarding a Member to a third party.
(4) The personal information provided by the Member to the Company may be used to provide information tailored to the individual Member, as well as information regarding products and services provided by the Company and its partners, etc. to the Member via email or the website.
(5) The Company may request that the Member participate in questionnaires, interviews, etc., to provide reference data for the business activities of the Company and its partners.
(6) Members to whom any of the following apply will have their membership status revoked and will be considered as automatically having cancelled their membership.
1. Members whose membership authorization the Company has revoked
2. Members who have violated any of the Agreement, and whom the Company has decided to remove as members
3. Members who have used the specified procedures to cancel their membership
4. Members who have used, posted, etc. the names, IDs, or passwords of other Members
5. Members who have offended or potentially offended public order and morals
(7) When the Company deems it necessary to contact or notify a Member, as a rule contact and notification are performed by sending an email to the Member’s registered email address.
(8) When the Company has confirmed, using specified methods, that the information entered by a Member pertaining to the use of the Service is identical to registered information, the Member will be considered to have used the Service, and in the event that this information is used by someone other than the Member, through theft, unauthorized usage, or other means, the Company cannot be held responsible for any resulting damages.
3. Handling of Member information
The registration information registered during the Member registration process, and all other information regarding the Member acquired by the Company, is handled in accordance with the Company’s Privacy Policy.
4. Approval of use of submitted information
(1) When information is sent using the Service’s submission function, the Member is deemed to have granted the Company, related companies, and third parties recognized by the Company the rights (including sublicensing rights) to use said submitted information without compensation both inside and outside Japan for an unspecified period of time, to transfer said information, to use said information (including copying, alteration, public release, transmission, distribution, transfer, lending, publication, the creation of derivative works, translation, and adaptation) freely, nonexclusively, and irrevocably. The Member shall be considered to have waived their moral rights to said information.
(2) Members who provide submitted information are considered to have indicated and certified that they hold the rights to said submitted information, that they possess proper legal rights to submit said information, that the submitted information is accurate, that use of the submitted information does not violate the Agreement or the rights of third parties, and that the submitted information does not create damages for third parties.
(3) The Company has no obligation to provide any form of compensation for submitted information.
(4) Members indicate and certify that they have no objection to the publication, use, modification, deletion, or provision for use of submitted information by the Company, related companies, third parties recognized by the Company, or parties which have inherited said information, or to which said information has been transferred.
5. Submission restrictions
(1) Members may submit information such as text and photographs to which they own the copyright and all other rights, or information for which they have obtained authorization from all holders of copyright and all other rights (including but not restricted to privacy rights and portrait rights of photo subjects).
(2) When the Company deems that any of the following apply to submitted information, the Company may delete the corresponding information, in whole or in part, without prior notification. Depending on the degree of infraction, the Company may delete some or all Member information for the Member that submitted the information, without prior notification.
1. Content damaging to the character or rights of a third party
2. Obscene material, material which constitutes child abuse, or material which offends public order and morals
3. Content which violates Japanese law and/or regional ordinances
4. Extremist political, religious, or philosophical content
5. Election activity, recruitment to groups, etc., proselytization, or other similar content
6. Racist or ethnic discrimination
7. Untrue information
8. Cruel or unpleasant content
9. Content which causes or is likely to cause displeasure to other Members or third parties
10. Content which discriminates against or is libelous of other Members, third parties, or the Company, or which damages the honor or credibility of said parties, or is likely to do so
11. Content which promotes any of the above
12. Any other content which the Company deems inappropriate for continued appropriate site operation
(3) When submitting information which can be used to identify an individual, such as a name, telephone number, address, email address, or photo clearly showing a subject’s expression and/or appearance, regardless of whether said individual is the Member or a third party, the Member is responsible for the submission of the information, and the Company cannot be held responsible for any resulting damages, losses, etc., resulting from the supplying of said submitted information.
(4) It is prohibited to submit information which is unrelated to the Service, or information which cannot be understood by third parties.
(5) It is prohibited to submit information for sales, advertising, promotion, or recruitment purposes.
6. Responsibility for submitted information
(1) The Company does not make any guarantees regarding the accuracy, timeliness, legality, comprehensiveness, usability, or any other aspects of submitted information. Use of information is at the discretion and responsibility of the User.
(2) The Company will not become involved in issues arising due to damages caused by submitted information or in disagreements between Users, and the Company cannot be held responsible for any damages, etc.
(3) The Company makes no guarantees regarding the storage of information obtained or submitted via the Service. Members must recognize that the Company has no obligation to save said information, and should back up any required submission information on their own as necessary.
(4) When the Company deems that information submitted by a Member is in violation of the Agreement the Company may delete or rescind the availability of said information, in whole or in part, without prior notification to the Member.
7. Suspension and/or cancellation of the Service
In the event of the following the Company may suspend or cancel the Service.
(1) When performing regular or emergency maintenance of the Service’s systems
(2) When it becomes impossible to provide the Service as usual due to war, riots, civil disturbances, labor unrest, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, tsunamis, fires, communications equipment fires, power outages, computer virus infections, or other emergency situations
(3) When it is necessary to suspend or cancel the Service, in whole or in part, due to unavoidable business circumstances or when deemed necessary from the position of business strategy
(4) When the Company determines that for business purposes the Service must be suspended or cancelled
8. Disclaimers
The Company does not make any guarantees regarding any of the below with regard to the provision of the Service.
(1) The timeliness, accuracy, legality, usability, or comprehensiveness of information provided by the Service (including submitted information)
(2) The retention of information or submitted information acquired using bookmarking functions.
(3) The Company cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting from the use of the Service, regardless of the cause, or any damages resulting from changes made to Service information or functions, or the suspension or cancellation of the Service, regardless of the cause.
9. Non-negotiability
With regard to use the Service, the Member may not transfer, sell, transfer ownership, create a pledge, or pledge as collateral said right to a third party. Membership registration is exclusive to the registering Member.
10. Intellectual property rights
The Company owns all copyrights, patents, trademarks, and other property rights for the information posted on and used by the Service.
11. Changes to the Agreement
When the Company deems it necessary, it may change the Agreement without advance notification or disclosure to the Member. Use of the Service by the Member is considered to indicate agreement with the latest terms.
agex communications Inc. President: Toru Sugai
Established: April 25, 2016

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