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Kiyotaki District

- 清滝地区 -
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Kiyotaki district is a great place for hiking within walking distance from Arashiyama
Kiyotaki is one of the few areas in Kyoto where you can take refuge from the hotness of Kyoto’s summers. Kiyotaki is close to the Arashiyama and Sagano areas, and is known for the beautiful murmur of its rivers. There is a hiking course by the ravine that takes about an hour to complete. The red Toen-kyo Bridge is especially beautiful in autumn when autumn leaves surround it from all sides. The mountains change color during the year from spring green to red and yellow in autumn, to white in winter. The rocks and nooks of the river offer a harsher view compared to the mountains, but together they form a view that is sure to put you in a zen-like state.
Kinun-kei valley
Kinun-kei valley
The Kinun-kei valley that connects Kiyotaki with Takao is three kilometers long. There are maples, white cedars, and Japanese cedars on both sides of the river that give birth to a three-dimensional view. In summer many families come to the river to play, and in autumn the river is a popular hiking destination. There are tables and chairs by the hiking course so you can take a break, enjoy some snacks, and relax.
Kuya no Taki falls
Kuya no Taki falls
Ascetic monks come to these falls to stand under the waterfall as a part of their training. You are free to try the ascetic practice yourself! The cold water gushing out into the hot summer air makes the place feel a bit mysterious. You might even be able to feel some strange energy coming from the Buddha statue by the waterfall!
Walk among cedar trees
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Walk among cedar trees
There is a hiking route that is surrounded by cedar trees on both sides. These cedar trees are Kitayama cedars, and they have been used to build tea ceremony rooms since the Muromachi period (1336-1573). The Kitayama cedar was certified as the official tree of Kyoto prefecture in 1966. The straight trees look like they are trying to reach the sky.
See the fireflies under the Toen-kyo Bridge
4Good Experiences
See the fireflies under the Toen-kyo Bridge
The Toen-kyo Bridge is a symbol of Kiyotaki. When you get under the bridge it is easy to get a feel of the power of the river. If you are around Kiyotaki in June, you may also be able to see the famous fireflies of Kiyotaki. The view you get at night is completely different from the one you see during the day.
Manner & Tips
- Manner & Tips -
The area around Kiyotaki is a habitat for the fireflies so take care not to harm it.
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The Kiyotaki area is great for two things: looking at old Japanese townscape and, of course, also hiking. There is a waterfall, mountains, and JR Hozukyo Station can be reached by a hike, so this a perfect place for those who want to enjoy hiking in Kyoto.
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Kiyotaki District / 清滝地区
Category Scenery
Phone None
Address Saga-Kiyotaki district, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu
Directions ・2-minute walk from Kiyotaki bus stop by #62, 64, 72, or 94 Kyoto bus.
Open Hours Does not close
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
There are many signs along the hiking course that have your current location on a map so you won’t get lost. There are also many rest areas with toilets.
Information Japanese, some English
Lanuages spoken No staff at location

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