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Kyoto Botanical Gardens

- 京都府立植物園 -
The oldest botanical garden in Japan with enjoyment all year long
Established in 1924, Kyoto Botanical Gardens is the oldest public garden and has long been loved by both the locals and visitors outside the city. The garden consists of various types of gardens, both eastern and western ones, a big conservatory, an old forest, and other areas presenting about 12,000 kinds of plants and flowers. Located in the northern part of the city, the garden is surrounded by beautiful sceneries including Mt. Hieizan and the Kamo river, making it a perfect relaxation spot. The garden provides all-year-round enjoyment to people who love nature. To name a few, 450 cherry blossom trees bloom in spring and red leaves of various trees in autumn are both magnificent.
European Style Garden
European Style Garden
The European Style Garden is famous for roses and azaleas of 300 kinds blooming beautifully in spring. You can see Mt. Hieizan at the back of the garden, providing gorgeous scenery. In the center of the garden, you will see huge twin Himalayan cedars stands towering. It is recommended to have a break by sitting on the bench near the trees. A French style Sunken Garden with a fountain is also eye-pleasing.
One of the biggest greenhouse in Japan with an area of more than 4,600 m2. The house consists of 9 zones such as a tropical area, alpine belt, and savanna. The route of the greenhouse is shaped in a circuit style, where you can find a number of plants that are rarely seen. Since the inside of the house is so exotic, you may forget that you are in the ancient city of Kyoto. It is a pleasantly unusual experience.
Strolling In A Historical Forest
3Good Experiences
Strolling In A Historical Forest
The Nakaragi-no-mori is a natural forest preserving the flora of this area. Surrounded by small and big ponds, the forest has Japanese hackberries, maples, and many other trees giving different atmospheres in four seasons. A must see is a little village shrine that had been built before Kyoto became the ancient capital. It is a best place for contemplation.
Have A Break In A Garden Cafe
4Good Experiences
Have A Break In A Garden Cafe
If you’re a bit tired after strolling in the garden, visit the trattoria, IN THE GREEN, situated next to the Kitayama gate of the garden. The restaurant is very popular as a place where you can enjoy coffee and sweets as well as Italian meals for dinner and lunch time with an open atmosphere. Open between 11am to 11pm.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
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I personally recommend you to have a picnic in the Central Lawn, where families often enjoy themselves playing with their children in a sunny day. Good opportunity to get connected to local people. One of the unique plants to be seen in the garden is a transplanted Newton’s apple tree! You may have a chance to watch an apple falling down!
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
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Kyoto Botanical Gardens / 京都府立植物園
Category Other Things to See
Phone +81 75 701 0141
Address Shimogamohangicho, sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-0823
Directions Located next to Kyoto City Subway Kitayama Stn. or 10 minute-walk from Kitaoji Stn. 5 minute walk from Shokubutsuenmae Bus Stop of Kyoto City Bus No.1 and for Shizuhara or Ichihara
Open Hours 9am - 5pm (must enter by 4pm) 10am - 4pm for the conservatory
Reservations Not accepted
Closed December 28th - January 4th
Price range
Admission: ¥200 (adults) ¥150 (high school students) Admission to the conservatory: ¥200 (adults) ¥150 (high school students) Ticket valid for the Botanical Gardens and the Garden of Fine Arts: ¥250 (adults), ¥200 (high school students)
Credit cards Not accepted
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Some staff can communicate in English
Information English brochures are available
Lanuages spoken Japanese, English, and French (not all staff)
Other It takes at least a half day to go around the garden, so spare enough time for the visit.

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