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Kyoto State Guest House

- 京都迎賓館 -
Experience “Omotenashi” somehere used to host important overseas guests
The Kyoto State Guest House plays host to the events for foreign leaders. In order to promote Japan’s tourism industry, the Kyoto State Guest House opened year around to the public in July 2016. Before that, this treasured building could only be visited by people chosen by lottery for two weeks during summer. Now you can walk around inside just like one of the important guests. A Japanese garden is arranged in the middle of the building so you can enjoy its beautiful scenery from any room. There are various rooms in the State Guest House: Kyoto cuisine is served in the Kiri no Ma (Japanese-style Banquet Room), Western style dinner parties are held in the Fuji no Ma (Banquet Hall), and the other two rooms are Yubae no Ma (Large Conference Room), and Juraku no Ma (Anteroom). You can enjoy both traditional Japanese and modern craftsmanship. As Kyoto State Guest House is situated in the eastern part of Kyoto Gyoen National Garden—where the Kyoto Imperial Palace is located—how about taking a visit while you’re at it?
Kiri no Ma (Japanese -style Banquet room)
Kiri no Ma (Japanese -style Banquet room)
The Kiri no Ma is a Japanese-style room for enjoying Kyoto cuisine. The playing of the traditional Japanese koto and performances from the geiko and maiko make for a gorgeous atmosphere. The table in the center of the room 12 meters long! It’s lacquered in “Roiro” (jet black) and eloquently polished by the bare hands of artisans! You’re sure to be amazed by the magnificently elegant shine of this table.
Japanese Garden
Japanese Garden
The Japanese garden was designed to harmonize with the buildings. It was also specially designed to be viewed from each room, so you can enjoy looking at it from various angles. We particularly recommend viewing it from the Yubae no Ma (Large Conference Room). The carpet in this room has a wave pattern, so it looks like the garden and the pond are extending into the room. There’s also a traditional Japanese “Wasen” boat available as well, so guests can enjoy a boat ride around the pond if they so request.
Count the number of flowers on the tapestry in the Fuji no Ma (Banquet Hall)
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Count the number of flowers on the tapestry in the Fuji no Ma (Banquet Hall)
This spacious banquet hall is intended for enjoying Western style cuisine. The decoration on the walls is actually not a painting, but a woven piece of tapestry made with a technique called Tsuzure ori! There are 39 different kinds of Japanese flowers woven into the design, and the main flower, “wisteria”, means “welcome” in the language of flowers. The somberness of the tapestry give you a powerful welcome when you step foot in the room!
Look at the painting in the Juraku no Ma (Anteroom)
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Look at the painting in the Juraku no Ma (Anteroom)
This anteroom is used as a waiting area and lobby for guests. Unlike the other rooms, this room does not receive any natural light. That is why the brilliant color of the red armchair in the left of the photo gives the room an elegant atmosphere. The painting in the right of the photo changes regularly, according to the specific guests. The Juraku no Ma is the place where Japanese hospitality is truly expressed.
Manner & Tips
- Manner & Tips -
Although photography is allowed inside the building, flash photography and filming are prohibited to protect the furnishings. 
Also, please refrain from touching the furnishings in order to preserve their beauty.

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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.7 experience3.5 access3.5 photogenic4.0
The Kyoto State Guest House is where important guests from overseas are welcomed into Japan, and here you can see the Japanese dining hall, the tatami mats and the paintings all majestic and marvelous. They also have a beautiful Japanee garden, which will make you feel relaxed. The place is not far from the Kyoto Imperial Palace, so how about going to see the State Guest House too?
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Kyoto State Guest House / 京都迎賓館
Category Landmarks
Phone +81 75 223 2205
Address 23 Kyoto-gyoen, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 602-8611
Directions ・A 15-minute walk from Subway Karasuma Line Imadegawa Station ・A 7-minute walk from “Furitsu-Idai Byoin mae” bus stop (Recommend Route No.4, 17, and 205 via Kawaramachi-dori St from Kyoto Station) ・A 20-minute walk from Keihan Oto Line Demachiyanagi Station
Open Hours Open hours vary depending on the season and type of visit ・Visit without guide: 10am-5pm (last admission at 4:20pm) ・Guided tour (Japanese only): 10 am-5pm (last admission at 3:30pm)
Reservations ○How to enter ・With a "visit-certificate" issued through the website by applying in advance. ・With an admission card distributed on the day of a visit at the West Gate.
Closed Wednesdays *Due to the sudden scheduling of visits from dignitaries or due to other operational reasons, public viewings may be cancelled.
Price range
・Visit without guide Adult: ¥1,000 (group: ¥800)|Jr. and High school student: ¥500 (group: ¥400) ・Guided tour Adult: ¥1,500 (group: ¥1,200)|Jr. and High school student: ¥700 (group: ¥600)
Credit cards Not accepted
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Free rental audio guides in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean are available. (*An additional charge of \200 is required during non-guided visits) You can also enjoy carefully selected Japanese traditional crafts during your visit.
Information Leaflets are available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean
Lanuages spoken Japanese, English, and Chinese
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