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Maiko Transformation Studio Shiki

- 舞妓変身スタジオ四季 -
Transform into a maiko in the beautiful Kiyomizu area
Located near Kiyomizu-dera Temple, this shop offers maiko transformations and kimono rental services. If you would like to experience how maiko wear their makeup and gorgeous kimono, we highly recommend that you try this experience. It is easy to change as you don’t need to bring anything to the shop! It only takes about 3 hours for the preparation and a photo shoot, so you can become maiko and sightsee during and after the experience. There is also a service where they remove your makeup with all the cosmetics such as lotion, shampoo, and baby oil, so you don’t need to worry about how you’ll look after the photo shoot. ▼Click here for Writer's Blog http://sharing-kyoto.com/Blog/b_Maiko-transform
Transform into Maiko (stroll plan)
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Transform into Maiko (stroll plan)
If you would like to try an experience of becoming a maiko, we highly recommend this plan! It is easy as you don’t need to bring anything to the shop. After filling out the form with your information, you will move to a room to change your clothes to an undershirt provided by this shop. Then you will have your make up done! It is very interesting. White face powder will be applied to your face and it feels sort of cool. Your hair will be tied up in a net to put on a maiko wig. You can choose your favorite kimono from a wide selection. It will be tied a little tight, so if it is too much, please don’t hesitate to tell the staff. *It is ¥8,900 (Until February 25th. Please check with the shop as this price may change after that)
A Photo Shoot (included in the plan)
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A Photo Shoot (included in the plan)
If you choose the Stroll Plan, this photo shoot is included. When you go to the studio, you will receive photos of 6 different poses. The photos will be given to you at the end, but if you would like to keep the photo data, you can buy it for ¥1,000. After the photo shoot, you can go outside for 45 minutes (depending on the weather). As it is located near Kiyomizu-dera Temple, you can enjoy taking photos while walking the historical area.
Manner & Tips
- Manner & Tips -
Please do not take photos while having your makeup done or when changing your clothes.
3.7 experience4.0 access3.0 photogenic4.0
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.7 experience4.0 access3.0 photogenic4.0
Although it is hard to wear special shoes called "Okobo" at first, you may get used to it eventually. Please be careful in the slopes as it is slippery. Many people would take a photo of you when you wear Maiko outfit!
4.5 experience5.0 access4.0 photogenic4.5
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
4.5 experience5.0 access4.0 photogenic4.5
Maiko Transformation Studio Shiki / 舞妓変身スタジオ四季
Category Makeover / Dress up, Cultural Experience
Phone +81 75-531-2777
Address 351-16 Masuya-cho, Kodaiji Minamimon, Higashiyama-ku. Kyoto-shi
Directions About a 5-minute walk from Kiyomizu-michi bus stop.
Open Hours 9am - 5pm (Reception closes) *Telephone reservations 7am - 11pm
Reservations Yes (you can reserve thorough the internet and also by phone)
Closed Open everyday
Notes Please make a reservation before you visit this shop!
Price range
Stroll Plan ¥8,900 (Until February 25th. Please check with the shop as this price may change after that). There are many other plans, so please ask the shop or check their website (English, Chinese Cantonese and Korean!).
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc. / Accepted
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Many of the staff speaks English and also there are some Chinese staff in the shop
Information English, Chinese, and Korean
Lanuages spoken English and Chinese
URL1 http://www.maiko-henshin.com/en/
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