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Rental Kimono SHIKI SAKURA

- レンタル着物四季さくら -
Rental kimonos fitted in approximately 50 minutes within walking distance from tourist destinations!
Shiki Sakura kimono rental shop is within walking distance from the tourist attractions Yasaka Pagoda and Kodaiji Temple. Choose your favorite kimono from a selection offered by the store. Then once it is fitted, you are free to wander around the streets of Kyoto. From sign-up to fitting, it takes approximately 50 minutes for women, and 10 minutes for men. Hairstyling and photo shoot options are also available. Rental options and all information is available in English, Chinese, and Korean, making the service easily accessible and worry-free for foreign visitors. Seeing the sights of Kyoto dressed in a kimono is a fun, uplifting experience. It is a guaranteed way to make some unforgettable memories.
Rental Kimonos And Obi Belts
Rental Kimonos And Obi Belts
Over 200 different women's kimonos are available. You can choose the one with the color and pattern you prefer. If unsure of which to go for, tell a staff member the color and style you like, and they can recommend a few different kimonos for you.
A Variety Of Rental Options And Added Extras
A Variety Of Rental Options And Added Extras
6 different rental options are available. You can choose the rental option that meets your needs, budget, and gender. Rental options for children and people of above-average height are also offered. A selection of 9 optional extras including a studio photo shoot and hotel baggage delivery service is also available.
Have Your Photo Taken On The Streets Of Kyoto
3Good Experiences
Have Your Photo Taken On The Streets Of Kyoto
Ideal for people wanting their photo taken at various outdoor locations while dressed in a kimono. In the vicinity of the store, there are many photo locations which include temples, stone pavements, and old buildings.
Hair Styling
4Good Experiences
Hair Styling
This is an optional extra for women costing ¥1,500. You can choose your preferred style from a selection of sample styles. All of the styles offered look great with a kimono. *Hair can also be styled in a specific way to suit you for ¥2,500.
Manner & Tips
- Manner & Tips -
Please be careful when wearing the Kimono and return it within the specified time.
3.5 experience4.5 access3.0 photogenic3.0
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.5 experience4.5 access3.0 photogenic3.0
Kimonos are worn really rather tight, which is necessary to prevent them from coming loose, but just smile and enjoy the experience!
4.2 experience5.0 access3.5 photogenic4.0
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
4.2 experience5.0 access3.5 photogenic4.0
Rental Kimono SHIKI SAKURA / レンタル着物四季さくら
Category Makeover / Dress up
Phone +81 75-533-6666
Address 110-9, Tatsumicho,Higashi-oji Matsubara Agaru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi,Kyoto, 605-0855
Directions Get off at Kiyomizu-michi bus stop. The SHIKI building is right in front. [From JR Kyoto Station] Take the No. 206 bus at the D2 Kyoto City bus stop near the Chuo exit. About a 15 minute bus ride [From Hankyu Kawaramachi Station / Keihan Line Gionshijo Station] Take the No. 207 bus heading eastbound along Shijo Street. About a 5 minute bus ride
Open Hours 9am - 8pm
Reservations Accepted (reservations are recommended)
Closed Open everyday
Notes Large groups of between 20 to 30 people can also be accommodated.
Price range
Please take a look at the following site : http://www.sakura-wasou.com/en/
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, etc.
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
English, Chinese, and Korean menus are available
Information Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean
Lanuages spoken Japanese and English
URL1 http://www.sakura-wasou.com/en/
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