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Mitera Sennyuji Temple

- 御寺 泉涌寺 -
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A temple that is related with the Japanese imperial family
Located at the base of Mt. Tsuki-no-wa yama near the next stop from JR Kyoto station. Sennyu-ji Temple is told to have been established in 856 according to its lore, but the founding date of the temple remains unclear. Substantially a head monk, Gachirin-daishi Shunjyo officially founded the temple based on the deep knowledge of Sou in China because he had trained in there. The temple is well-known in connection with an imperial family since including Emperor Go-toba, and other aristocrats helped to build the temple and also several funeral ceremonies for successive emperors were held around Edo-period. Hence, they are enshrined at the Reimeni-den hall in the site. This is the head temple of Unryu-in Temple. Please visit both!
Reimei-den hall
Reimei-den hall
It was established to enshrine, successive emperors since the 38th generation, Emperor Tenchi. It was rebuilt in 1882 after it had been burnt down. Since the materials of the interior have been gifted by the Emperors, try to look at the design carefully.
It is an extremely importance property, as a tooth of the Buddha and its ash of bone are enshrined in there. A powerful dragon is painted on the ceiling of this building, which is specially open to the public once in 12 years. Next time will be in 2024. Please be patient until that time!
Listening to the sound of water at Sennyu-ji mizu-yakata
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Listening to the sound of water at Sennyu-ji mizu-yakata
Sennyu-ji Temple was named after the fact that the water was springing out in the site. The building that was established in 1668 has been protecting the water. It has been still springing out. Try to hear the sound of the water running.
Take a rest with Gozasho Garden
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Take a rest with Gozasho Garden
Even though it is a mall garden, you could enjoy the seasonal view with maples in autumn. Since it is around the main buildings including Reimei-den, the view make the godly atmosphere.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
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Sennyu-ji Temple is in a quiet place a 15-minute walk away from Tofuku-ji Temple, and the temple grounds are really vast! The grounds of Sennyu-ji Temple are covered with pebbles and you can spend a leisurely moment here. One of the notable points of Sennyu-ji Temple is how many sub-temples it has, as there are nine temples close to the main one. How about hiking up to Sennyu-ji Temple and going to many temples?
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Because of the close relations between the imperial family and Sennyu-ji Temple, the temple is also known as Mitera, a respectful way of saying the Japanese word for temple, tera. There are not so many tourists here so I would like to recommend this temple to those who want to enjoy Kyoto at their own pace. The temple is a bit far from the closest station, and the premises are big, so if you go on foot you need to be prepared to walk quite a long distance. I recommend you go when the weather is nice and take it as a hiking trip.
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Mitera Sennyuji Temple / 御寺 泉涌寺
Category Temples & Shrines, Japanese Gardens
Phone +81 75-561-1551
Address 27, Sennyuji Yamanochicho, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0977
Directions ・5 minutes by taxi from the Hachijo exit, JR Kyoto stn. ・7-minute walk from Sennyu-ji michi bus stop by #208 Kyoto city bus from the Karasuma exit, JR Kyoto stn.
Open Hours ・9am - 4:30pm ・9am - 4pm (Dec. 1 - at the end of Feb)
Reservations Not accepted
Closed Shinshoden hall is closed on the fourth Monday every month
Price range
・The entrance fee : ¥500 (under the junior high school students: ¥300) ・A special viewing : ¥300 (under the elementary school students with an adult: Free)
Credit cards Not accepted
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
There are English, Chinese, and Korean brochures at the entrance.
Information Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean
Lanuages spoken Japanese only
URL1 http://www.mitera.org/

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