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- 京都ハンディクラフトセンター -
See, buy, and make traditional handicrafts! A center with a full complement of English-language support
Near Kyoto's famous landmark, Heian Jingu Shrine, you will find the KYOTO HANDICRAFT CENTER. This center sells a range of Japanese accessories emblematic of both Kyoto and Japan. They also have workshops (40-70 minutes long) where you can make your own items, as well as a restaurant offering fresh seasonal food. Visiting the KYOTO HANDICRAFT CENTER is a great way to pick up that special item as a souvenir or token of your trip. The staff in the shop also speak English, and there are pamphlets in English, too. You can even pay for items in other currencies and have them shipped directly overseas. They'll gladly exchange your money from yen into your currency, too. After enjoying some shopping and a workshop at the KYOTO HANDICRAFT CENTER, you can alight at the information desk to get some tips on where to visit next. The KYOTO HANDICRAFT CENTER is a great place to enjoy a true Kyoto experience in a short time, and it's got all the services you need to feel at ease.
Traditional handicrafts from Kyoto and throughout Japan
Traditional handicrafts from Kyoto and throughout Japan
In addition to ceramics, kimono, and yukata produced in Kyoto, there are also Japanese dolls, lacquer ware, and kokeshi dolls from throughout Japan. Each and every one of these is a finely crafted article, so just browsing is a treat. There is a wide range of items at different price brackets, from luxury goods to everyday items.
Japanese accessories and food
Japanese accessories and food
The center also sells Japanese cloths (tenugui and furoshiki), post cards, incense, and other accessories. You will also find food products like matcha tea, Japanese sweets and sake, and looseleaf tea. There is everything from classic staples to unique surprises. We suggest that female shoppers check out the Japanese cosmetics.
Create your own handicrafts
3Good Experiences
Create your own handicrafts
You must try your hand at creating traditional Japanese handicrafts! Popular workshops include the Woodblock Printing course and the Cloisonne Accessory Making (Copper) course. Course fees start from ¥1,950, and courses range from 40-70 minutes. The staff speak English, which makes things smoother. Creating your own handcrafted goods is sure to leave a lasting memory of Kyoto.
Enjoy Japanese food
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Enjoy Japanese food
There are two Japanese-style restaurants offering cuisine made from Kyoto ingredients. At Japanese Restaurant SHOAMI, enjoy bento boxes and kaiseki course meals, with fresh seasonal food prepared in luxurious dishes. This restaurant requires advance booking. The Buffet Restaurant &Café KAKOH serves Japanese and Western cuisine in a buffet style. It requires no reservation, so you can just pop in.
Manner & Tips
- Manner & Tips -
The west annex of the building has a store and workshop, as well as the Buffet Restaurant &Café KAKOH. The east annex has the Japanese Restaurant SHOAMI. If you have time to spend, check both annexes out. While photography is permitted in the facilities, taking lots of photos is considered rude. There are also some items where photography is forbidden.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
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The KYOTO HANDICRAFT CENTER offers a range of traditional Kyoto handicrafts like ceramics, kimono, and furoshiki cloths, and there are English-language books on Japan and translated comic books. If you like Japanese sake, they also have a great selection! Other popular items are swords, dolls, and T-shirts with kanji characters. If you want a wide selection of Kyoto souvenirs, this is a highly recommended spot.
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Staff members provide a thorough explanation in English, so you'll have no problem enjoying the workshop even as a first-timer! I added the colors one at a time to my woodcut at the workshop I went to. It gave me an indescribable feeling to see my own woodcut gradually taking shape. Highly recommended! The Center also sells great Japanese souvenirs, so you can drop by the store and make a purchase after the workshop!
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Category Cultural Experience
Phone Main: +81 75-761-8001 Experience: +81 75-761-0142 Restaurant: +81 75-761-7000
Address 17 Shougoin Entomi-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8323
Directions From Jingu Marutamachi Station on the Keihan main line, it is a 10 minute walk. From Higashiyama Station on the Underground Tozai Line, it is a 15 minute walk. *There is also a Marutamachi Station on the Kyoto Karasuma Line. Please take care not to confuse them.
Open Hours 10am - 7pm
Reservations Reservation can be made by email or phone They do accept reservations on the day but it is recommended to make a reservation ahead of time.
Closed Closed on January 1 and 2.
Notes To book a workshop or a table at the restaurant, you can check their English web site. The Buffet Restaurant &Café KAKOH requires no reservation, but it might be full, so booking in advance will guarantee you a seat.
Price range
Craft Workshop:¥1,950~
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc.
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Pamphlets are available in English. There are also staff who speak English permanently working at the center, so they will see to your needs.
Information English
Lanuages spoken English
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